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pacquiao & cotto make weight limits – will weight be the factor?

pacquiao when he started his boxing career was scrawny but 6 championship belts later he is his biggest in his quest to get a historic 7th title fight.  cotto on the other hand needed to become lighter.
will weight be a factor in this fight? weight, it’s increase or decrease affects a fighter’s speed, strength and power. trainers need to get the fighter to compensate for whatever it is that happens to the fighter because of weight.
weight influences comfort zone but it can go beyond that. a heavier fighter may mean loss of speed and agility but it can bring power. a lighter fighter may mean better speed and agility but it can mean a loss of power.
in his previous fights, analysts said pacquiao gained more speed and power when he moved up in weight. aside from skill and determination on pacquaio’s part, it means very much the success and brilliance of pacquaio’s trainers and coaches for giving him new skills to compensate for the loss and teach him new ones.
based on previous fights, pacquiao is trending well. where is cotto in this one?   
Pacquiao, Cotto, make weight for fight
(AP) – 1 hour ago

 LAS VEGAS — Manny Pacquiao weighed in at 144 pounds, his heaviest ever, while Miguel Cotto came in at the contract limit of 145 pounds for their scheduled 12-round fight.

A raucous crowd of about 7,000, some of whom had been waiting for hours, was on hand Friday at the MGM Grand to see both fighters make weight for the bout.

Pacquiao, who began boxing at 105 pounds, weighed 2 pounds more than the 142 he weighed last year when he stopped Oscar De La Hoya. He was 138 pounds for his last fight, a second-round knockout of Ricky Hatton.

Cotto was the lightest he has been since weighing 145 pounds when he defeated Zab Judah two years ago.


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