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manny pacquiao should not run for public office – he can do more for the people if he remains a boxing champion than as a public official

manny pacquaio has said this many times – he will run for public office this coming 2010 election. it will probably for congress in his hometown general santos. pacquaio tried it before but he lost in that election. now that miguel cotto is done and over with and he said his next fight will be in december 2010, it looks like running for public office is next for him.

we believe and we suggest to mannny pacquaio that he abandon this plan of his. we do not question pacquaio’s desire to help the people. in fact we believe him. we think he needs to step back for awhile and he try to answer this question – how can he best serve the filipino people?

we think we already know the answer to that question. pacquaio is actually living the answer the answer to that question – he is helping his countrymen by being who he is, a Filipino boxing champion who is world class, admired by the world and a Filipino who has inspired us all.

we do not think getting elected into a public office can top what he is doing now for the people. we do not think it will add anything. in fact, running for public office and winning it will lessen is impact on the filipino people.

this country has not had someone like manny pacquaio for many years. the last time the country felt proud as a country and a race was cory aquino in 1986. his glory is different from what cory gave us but it leaves very similar feelings and pride.

what should manny do instead, we like to offer a few suggestions:

  • open Manny Pacquiao Sports Centers across the country where it will house world-class facilities and equipment for aspiring and deserving athletes can go to to train and practice their skills. we think this should be for all sports but with an emphasis on boxing.
  • put up financing that will fund the hiring of world-class trainers and coaches from abroad who will train promising athletes in the country. emphasize boxing but cover all other sports where filipinos can excel in.
  • put up a company that will design and manufacture  world-class sports equipment, tools and apparel that will be sold worldwide but given at steep discounts to filipinos in the country. the costs incurred in being in any sport in the country is very high. most of the equipment, tools and apparel that we use here are imported and at very high costs. making them affordable will help filipino sports in general and athletes in particular. it will encourage wider participation.

the proposals we have here does not have to be pacquiao’s alone. with his popularity and pulling power, we are sure he can get sponsors and investors to chip in. the base idea is to use manny’s name as start point and to attract others to help him inn his goal.

also, these ideas are not necessarily a charitable undertaking. these ventures can be set up to break even if not make a profit. either way, any of these ideas can be self-sustaining.

the impact of these efforts are all strategic and for the long term. succeeding in any of these will impact not only the people but the country as well, all on the effort of the man who has inspired us all.


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