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pictures of manny pacquiao together with krista ranillo in baguio surface in the internet

is this none of our business? but manny pacquiao is a national celebrity, the greatest today – his life on and off the ring is public property. he is not only a national celebrity, he is global and that is why there is a video of manny and krista taken and posted in the internet when they went to the US tv show for manny’s guesting.

manny before this the alleged krista-manny affair was perfect for us. well, not really – he has problems with speaking in english but that we don’t mind, we still think he is perfect. aside from being a world-class champion boxer and making global boxing history, we think he is perfect with a beautiful wife, jinkee always behind him, a quirky but loveable mother and very cute and good looking kids. will manny still be perfect in our eyes after krista?

they are denying there is anything to it. but these pictures in baguio is something else and belies the denials. why would krista be with manny in baguio for his training? why not his wife? there are other questions – how come jinkee did not know about it? and why was she not in baguio? but that is beside the point for now.

we think they will eventually admit to it. there is just too much pictures going around to deny it.  we do not think there is any denying what it means that krista was in baguio with manny during his training.

what was manny thinking? it’s amazing how he can think bringing krista to baguio with him will not be found out. we have always thought manny is often times clueless about things. this one is just one of a string that confirms he is clueless.

this will get very ugly before it gets better. hold on to your seats!

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we invite readers, specially those who were at baguio when manny pacquiao was there for training to send us pictures of manny pacquiao and krista ranillo for publication in this blog. please email to wawam.email@gmail.com

Baguio photos of Pacquiao, Krista surface

MANILA – The alleged affair between Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo continues to heat up.

Despite the denial and “no-comment” remark from both camps, pieces of evidence – photos and video – that purportedly prove the romance between the two have surfaced on the Internet.

A video of Pacquiao and a woman, believed to be Ranillo, leaving the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show in the United States has been posted on video-sharing Web site YouTube.

Pacquiao guested in the late-night talk show before his match with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

The footage has been posted by celebritynationVids that also wrote: “I caught boxing champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Manny didn’t bother to sign the autographs for about 70 fans who were there to show their support to him. He was with a woman who wasn’t his wife. So that’s probably why he didn’t stop!”

read in full here: http://abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/11/19/09/baguio-photos-pacquiao-krista-surface

manny & krista arrive at the hotel to check in (double click photos for bigger view):


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pictures of krista here: trouble at the manny pacquiao-jinkee home. manny has a mistress? meet krita ranillo, manny’s squeeze, here!

krista was with manny in baguio: pictures of krista ranillo together with manny pacquaio in baguio surface


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