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get to know krista ranillo, manny pacquiao’s rumored squeeze

MANILA – Actress Krista Ranillo (born Cristalle Lauren Tupaz Ranillo) is the talk of the town these days because she is being linked to Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

But very little is known of the 24-year-old sexy starlet, who has graced the covers of numerous men’s magazines and starred in racy independent films.


She earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with tracks in Communication Arts and Psychology in 2007, and was reported to be a consistent Dean’s Lister.

In her school yearbook, Aegis ’07, a write-up describes her thus: “Everyone beware of Krista Ranillo! With her angelic face, sweet smile, gorgeous body, and brains to die for, she seems heaven-sent.”

“This religious, charming, talented artista/model/everything-else princess seems too good to be true,” the write-up states, with glowing reviews of her loyalty and warmth as a friend.

However, the writer notes that Ranillo also has a naughty side.

“But behind that innocent facade lies a mischievous little devil who can make you believe that you can only buy blue books in the States and and that you missed a very important quiz when you were absent,” it states.

Of her “wild side” the write-up goes: “When you’re with Krista, you’re sure to be laughing your head off with all her hilarious tricks and quick quips. It doesn’t matter what you do together, for she’s always ready to go along with anything spontaneously crazy.”

She is described as a responsible student who “finishes her papers early so she can spend the weekend with her friends” and was often described by peers as being aloof.

“Often one of the first to rally loudly for a free cut in class, Krista is actually quite a nerd!” the text states. “Though some may think she’s ‘mataray’ because she hardly hangs out in school, she’s actually sleeping at home!”

“Truly, Krista Artista is a walking contradiction. Angelic but wicked, funny but serious, silly but nerdy, social but anti-social, sweet but naughty, caring but mischevious,” the write-up says.

Already having the makings of a celebrity, Ranillo’s batchmate ends the write-up with: “Can I have your autograph?!”

read in full here: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/11/19/09/who-krista-ranillo

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