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manny pacquiao’s rumored mistress krista ranillo’s lesbian french kiss with mocha

Mocha spotted kissing Krista Ranillo!
Controversial singer Mocha who made the news when photos of her kissing fellow Mocha Girl Hershey were published in a tabloid without her knowledge may soon be making the headlines again after she was spotted kissing fellow Maxim Magazine columnist Krista Ranillo. This took place as Mocha, Maxim’s cover girl for the month of April, was doing a series of interviews for the men’s magazine last March 31.

Mocha was just finishing an interview when Krista arrived at the Maxim offices to do some paper work. It was the first time that the two had met and they hit it off right away with Krista even signing a copy of her March Maxim cover and Mocha doing the same.

After talking about their respective columns, Mocha, who admits she is bisexual, was overheard telling Krista, “Mag-kiss tayo,” at one point. Krista answered with a laugh and soon the two went off with Mocha’s manager and some of the Maxim staff. The two went to a secluded spot where they proceeded to kiss for several seconds while cameras were trained on them.

Most of the people who witnessed the scene were shocked since Krista, who had a rather conservative image before she became Maxim’s sex and relationship columnist, was unexpectedly open to kissing another woman, even giggling about it afterwards. The staff admitted that it was an impromptu meeting. Onlookers revealed that it was a “very hot encounter” and that both women were really into it.

Krista later revealed that it was her first time to kiss a girl, since the Pieta star is straight and has a long time boyfriend. Mocha admitted that although she was surprised Krista agreed to the kiss, she’s proud that she was Krista’s first. Mocha even laughingly said, “She’s a good kisser!”

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