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Maguindanao Massacre – will gloria macapagal arroyo go after her ally Governor Andal Ampatuan?

the maguindanao massacre is one news item that is really very hard to read or most specially view on tv. it is gruesome. it makes you angry and makes you ask the question – how can human beings do this kind of crime?

the victims are from  the  family members of the Esmael Mangudadatu family, press and supporters. their polticial rivals,from the  Andal Ampatuan family who is governor of maguindanao is a close political ally of gloria macapagal arroyo. governor ampatuan is credited for giving arroyo a resounding win in maguindanao in the 2004 election including voting results that had the opponents of arroyo’s senatorial slate getting zero votes. (oh come on, let’s not even discuss that getting a zero is a statistical impossibility in elections.)

many questions arise:

  • will arroyo let the police investigate governor ampatuan?
  • if linked, will arroyo let the police arrest and prosecute ampatuan?
  • how fast will the investigation go? or how slow?
  • will it be thorough and truthful?

we think every filipino should condemn these killings and every filipino should demand justice for those killed in this massacre.

Senators dare Arroyo: Go after Ampatuans

MANILA – Outraged senators on Tuesday challenged President Arroyo to go after her political allies, the Ampatuans, who have been tagged in the massacre of at least 22 people, including women, in Maguindanao on Monday.

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said authorities should take in for questioning Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr. amid indications that the Ampatuans may have been involved in the killing of members of the rival Mangudadatu clan and a number of journalists.

“From the reports reaching me, it looks like some members of the militia under the control of the Ampatuans were involved in the killings,” said Pimentel. “We cannot allow this dastardy act to go unpunished.”

Pimentel said he received reports Gov. Ampatuan was in Manila and suggested he be taken in for questioning.

“I am suggesting that Governor Andal be detained as a material witness considering there are indications that the men involved (in the massacre) were militiamen of Andal,” Pimentel pointed out.

However, it appeared later that it was Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanano (ARMM) Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan, Andal’s older son, who was at a meeting in Malacañang.

Still, Pimentel was doubtful if the President would go after he own political allies who delivered votes to the administration in the 2004 and 2007 elections.

“We know that Governor Andal is very close to the President. He makes it a habit to kiss the President’s hands and kilig na kilig naman si Presidente,” Pimentel said. “But it’s about time the rule of law is upheld. We must show that even in the Moro area, crime does not pay.”

Maguindanao massacre death toll rises to 46—police 
By Marlon Ramos
Agence France-Presse, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 08:16:00 11/24/2009

MAGUINDANAO, Philippines—(UPDATE 6) Bullet-ridden bodies were pulled out from shallow graves on Tuesday as troops hunted down the gunmen who massacred, according to the Philippine National Police, at least 46 people in one of the Philippines’ most brutal explosions of political violence.

Police on Mindanao island pulled bullet-ridden bodies from shallow graves in this remote farming area after gunmen allegedly employed by a local political chief abducted then shot dead a group of rival politicians and journalists.

“Some bodies were strewn on the ground. Most were recovered from under lumps of earth which were stained with blood,” said Chief Superintendent Josefino Cataluna, the regional police commander.

“They were piled on top of each other. It looked as if they were buried hurriedly,” said Cataluna.

Twenty-two bodies had previously been found beside a dirt road nearby following Monday’s killings by gunmen allegedly linked to the area’s political kingpin.

The group abducted associates of a rival politician and at least 20 journalists from General Santos City and nearby provinces who were covering them.

“But we have yet to finalize our tally as we are still talking with the relatives of the victims,” Cataluna said.

Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina, PNP spokesman, said the bodies would be taken to Buluan town, Maguindanao province, after the police have conducted an autopsy on the bodies and conferred with the victims’ relatives.

Most of the victims bore gunshot wounds, Espina said.

National police chief Jesus Verzosa, who flew to the south to supervise the investigation, said he feared the death toll could rise with several other members of the kidnapped party of more than 40 people still missing.

“We still have to check one other suspected mass grave,” he added.

“We expect more bodies from other areas,” Cataluna said.

Journalists on the scene said a mechanical digger was emblazoned with the name of the Maguindanao provincial governor, Andal Ampatuan, whose bodyguards had been blamed by the military as being behind the massacre.

The victims were among a group of more than 40 people abducted by gunmen Monday linked to Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan, head of a Muslim clan who is part of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s ruling coalition.

The abducted group was made up of relatives and associates of Esmael Mangudadatu, the head of a rival Muslim clan in Maguindanao, plus a group of journalists, the military and police said.

The group was traveling in a convoy to accompany or report on Mangudadatu’s wife as she went to an electoral office to register her husband to run for governor against Ampatuan’s son in next year’s national polls.

Authorities warned the death toll would climb higher as they sought to deal with the incident.

“It’s a big area where these bodies were found. They are finding a couple of bodies every a couple of hours or so,” Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno said as he described a farming area covered in hastily dug graves.

Puno said the extra bodies being recovered were on top of the the official death toll, but he would not speculate on how many people in total had been murdered.

“They are still looking for some missing persons. A number of other bodies were found. I can’t really reveal the details now. It’s a large number,” Puno said in a television interview.

Espina said Verzosa and other senior police officials flew to Maguindanao early Tuesday to personally check on the area and supervise the manhunt against the perpetrators of the killings.

He said Verzosa ordered the relief of Chief Inspector Sukarno Dicay, the deputy provincial police chief of Maguindanao, after he was supposedly seen with the armed men who abducted and killed the victims.

Additional police troops were also deployed in the area to prevent a possible rise of hostilities in the area.

Political violence is common in the Philippines – where more than one million unlicensed guns proliferate – and dozens of people are murdered each election season.

But the scale of Monday’s massacre, as well as the targeting of apparently unrelated people, has shocked the country.

Fourteen of the victims were women and some of them were journalists with no apparent links to the clan war, the police and military said.

Military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Romeo Brawner said the Ampatuans and their associates were believed to have been responsible for the massacre.

“The suspects are bodyguards of Ampatuan, local police aides and certain lawless elements,” Brawner said.

As thousands of soldiers fanned out across the Ampatuans’ stronghold in search of the gunmen on Tuesday, sickening details of the massacre emerged.

The military said about 100 armed men stopped the convoy of vehicles on a remote section of highway near the town of Ampatuan, which bears the same name as the political kingpin.

Police said the bodies of the victims were found a few kilometers (miles) away, with a bulldozer apparently used to dig the graves still on the scene.
Police said 15 of the victims appeared to have been shot inside their vehicles while one was believed to have been cut down by gunfire while fleeing.

“All were shot at close range,” said one of the investigators on the scene, Chief Superintendent Felicisimo Khu.


  1. gnostician
    November 24, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    we can now see the blatant display of an arrogant stupid muslim from maguindanao. I guess GMA is just laughing! I dare her to immediately capture that stupid ampatuan! just see the mentality of these ampatuans..so grossly barbaric, they deserved to die. well, that only a whimsical dream just to attain justice. Imagine killing the women, unarmed and with the media. These pigs dont need a life, they must also die a horrific death! GMA must be enjoying the show, at least her survey results will never be remembered. the killings will continue considering the violent behaviour of these people. remember that muslim who arrogantly attack a family on the golf course… history tell us these people are truly violent..now, they are killing each other!

  2. November 25, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Madam President baka di lang po rate sa survey nyo ang bumagsak ,baka pati political party at mga candidate nyo ay bumagsak rin ang rate .this barbaric killing and massacre in Maguindanao is not acceptable.Please do something to solve this massacre.no mercy ,no favor to those involved.naway bumango ang pangalan nyo bago matapos ang term ninyo.remove all this killer from their throne!they have no right to sit in power.nakakakilabot ang massacre na ito .

  3. ella espino
    November 25, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    i don’t think that heartless dwarf living in malacañang will go after her allies in maguindanao..

    i am still waiting for another drama (similar to the “i am sorry” apology on national television) from her, though..

  4. Rey Resgonia
    November 25, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Arroyo will back up the Ampatuans. She’s a terrible president to begin with, look she pardoned that criminal Joseph Estrada like nothing happened from all the crimes he commit.

  5. Lakas-CMD
    November 26, 2009 at 3:13 am

    Asa pa kayo na mabibgyan ng justice yan, this will just be the next cold case in the filipino murder archives. I was watching the news at ANC and the press secretary was being categorically and specifically asked by Ricky Carandang if they will arrest the ampatuans, guess what is the response – “they will conduct a meeting on what actions to take”. It almost made me fell out of my seat and go gorilla-rage on the television from what I heard. It has been 3 days yet they do not know what measures to take. I thought walang kintatakutan tong si Gloria Arroyo but sure enough they couldn’t do a single shit. People in the government are stupid, they could have at least said they are working on it rather than say they will convene and probably talk non-sense. They wasted the air time of the news program by giving such a stupid answer.

    I never joined rallies in my life time but if someone will start it and the cause is to pressure the government to arrest this MAYAYABANG, and FEELING gOD AMPATUANS – count me in, I’ll be in the streets with you. This should stop NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, nor after the elections in 2010 but NOW. Every year na lang dito sa pilipinas may ganyang killings with no results. I know your sick and tired as I am. Sawang sawa na ko, I love this country so much and I feel we are being raped and tortured just like the ones who were killed. Sobra na si Arroyo and her thugs, grabe. Grrr!

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