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manny pacquaio denies affair with krista ranillo

all of a sudden, everything is fine with pacquaio and jinkee, his wife. it feels like a miracle happened while they took a flight from the US back to manila. all the crying and drama at the mass between manny and jinkee are gone, just like that.

we are glad for jinkee and manny. and we suppose also for krista. it looks like a magic wand made eveyrthing right.

we do not think this will permanently go away. we think we will hear more about this. by then, we will know if this is for real or as some are now saying it is just a publicity gimmick for the pacquiao-krista movie.

Pacquiao denies Krista affair, offers apology 
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:10:00 11/24/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Finally, a denial from the pound-for-pound king.

After weeks of speculation, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao categorically denied his alleged illicit affair with actress Krista Ranillo. He also apologized to Krista’s family for the intrigues caused by their purported non-romance.

In an interview aired on GMA 7 on Sunday night and on the news program “24 Oras” Monday, Pacquiao said in Filipino: “We’re just good friends… I didn’t mean to destroy your family… the public just rode on the issue.”

There have been rumors circulating in the tabloids and blogs that the scandal was concocted to promote Pacquiao and Krista’s coming movie, “Wapakman,” an entry in next month’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

Asked to comment on this, Pacquiao made a parting shot. “Everything will be right again after the movie opens,” he said in Filipino.

Ranillos react

Gloria Sevilla, Krista’s grandmother, Monday told the Inquirer: “I heard Manny’s interview [Sunday night]. We are all very happy to hear Manny’s denial. He acted as a decent, educated man should. As he said: We’re just family friends.”

Sevilla has yet to hear from Krista herself.

“She was badly hurt by all this, but her father (actor Mat Ranillo III) told me his entire family is pleased [with the latest development],” she said in a phone interview.


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