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The 30 media martyrs of Maguindanao

Thirty, and not just 27, reporters and media workers were killed in a manner brutal beyond description in Maguindanao province on Nov. 23.

Another journalist, Jolito Evardo of UNTV General Santos City, had not yet been accounted for as of press time.

The 30 media workers comprised more than half of the 57 confirmed fatalities of what is now known as the Maguindanao Massacre, according to a list compiled and verified by the humanitarian and fact-finding mission of the Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists (FFFJ), a network of independent media organizations, including the PCIJ.

As verified by the mission, the complete list of the 30 “media martyrs” of Maguindanao is as follows:

  1. Adolfo, Benjie—Gold Star Daily, Koronadal City
  2.  Araneta, Henry—radio dzRH, General Santos City
  3.  Arriola, Mark Gilbert “Mac-Mac”—UNTV, General Santos
  4.  Bataluna, Rubello—Gold Star Daily, Koronadal
  5.  Betia, Arturo—Periodico Ini, General Santos
  6.  Cabillo, Romeo Jimmy—Midland Review, Tacurong City
  7.  Cablitas, Marites—News Focus, General Santos
  8.  Cachuela, Hannibal—Punto News, Koronadal
  9.  Caniban, John—Periodico Ini, General Santos
  10.   Dalmacio, Lea—Socsargen News, General Santos
  11.   Decina, Noel—Periodico Ini, General Santos
  12.   Dela Cruz, Gina—Saksi News, General Santos
  13.   Dohillo, Eugene—UNTV, General Santos
  14.   Duhay, Jhoy—Gold Star Daily, Tacurong
  15.   Gatchalian, Santos—dxGO, Davao City
  16.   Legarte, Bienvenido Jr.—Prontiera News, Koronadal
  17.   Lupogan, Lindo—Mindanao Daily Gazette, Davao City
  18.   Maravilla, Ernesto “Bart”—Bombo Radyo, Koronadal
  19.   Merisco, Rey—Periodico Ini, Koronadal
  20.   Momay, Reynaldo “Bebot”—Midland Review, Tacurong
  21.    Montaño, Marife “Neneng”—Saksi News, General Santos
  22.    Morales, Rosell—News Focus, General Santos
  23.   Nuñez, Victor—UNTV, General Santos
  24.   Perante, Ronnie—Gold Star Daily correspondent, Koronadal
  25.   Parcon, Joel—Prontiera News, Koronadal
  26.   Razon, Fernando “Rani”—Periodico Ini, General Santos
  27.   Reblando, Alejandro “Bong”—Manila Bulletin, General Santos
  28.   Salaysay, Napoleon—Mindanao Gazette, Cotabato City
  29.   Subang, Ian—Socsargen Today, General Santos
  30.   Teodoro, Andres “Andy”—Central Mindanao Inquirer, Tacurong


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  1. manolo
    December 2, 2009 at 10:57 am

    lives lost for no reason. they were just doing their jobs! they were not even involved in the political rivalry.

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