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question need to be answered: how did the ampatuans amass so much arms and ammunition?

i think the question, “how did the ampatuans mass so much arms and ammunition?” deserves a separate and parallel investigation. this i think ranks very close in importance to the most important question on who were the killers of the 57 dead.

it’s shocking to read in the newspapers that military officers and men are shocked to see the kind and the number of arms and ammunition the ampatuans have. one of the officers even said the ampatuans have certain high powered arms that are very rarely used and very few elite members of the armed forces are able to use.

everyone are so amazed by the quality and quantity of the arms and ammo but we do not read enough news on exactly what the government are doing to find out how the ampatuans were able to get them. many of them are still in their shipping cartons with markings of the “Department Of National Defense” and the “AFP”. they obviously came from the AFP/DND itself.

the soldiers and police of the philippines themselves should push for a thorough investigation of this matter so that it can be plugged and stopped in the duture. they should be concerned it is these arms from the warlords who are killing the AFP soldiers and police in the fields. any military person know that one of the more effective ways to fight terrorists and rebels in mindanao is to deny them arms and ammo. without them, they obviously cannot wage war on the afp and the police.

but we have not heard anything from the government.

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