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amapatuan jr. gets stabbed… with a camera lens! who the hell forgot to bring the knife?

when i saw the headline and the headline photos in today’s PDI, i thiought geez there are so many angry protesters in that hearing! i was shocked to find out that the ones who mobbed andal ampatuan jr. at yesterday’s hearing in the quezon city courts were not activists but media men!

that must have been quite a sight! ordinarily, it’s the protesters on one side, the subject and the police on the other and media men on the sides or at the back of both groups. in this one, the media people were right there in front of andal amparuan jr.!

we cannot blame media – so many of them died in the maguindanao massacre. i do not think there enough words to describe why what happened is so wrong in so many ways not only for the media people but for everyone else who were murdered on that day in maguindanao.

some of the protesters were shoving blown up pictures of the dead in the massacre on the face of ampatuan. that i think is just too mild for what was done. someone needs to cut those pictures in tiny pieces and,,,never mind.

do not get us wrong, we are not advocating violence on ampatuan jr. but we are advocating justice for all those who died. we think all 100+ killers and the mastermind/s should be arrested and punished.

there is another an even more interesting part of this story.

From PDI: “Diaz said a cameraman hit the mayor in the forehead with a camera. The concussion—it was a big bump—bled. It was definitely deliberate,” Diaz said. “We really tried to secure the mayor but we found it hard when some members of the media acted this way,” he said.”

we like to file this protest against what Mr. Diaz said about this incident where he mistakenly refers to the picture above as “deliberate”. upon extensive forensick analysis of the picture, we do not think it is deliberate but rather any one or several of the following occurred:

  • the camera man was just taking a super macro shot of ampatuan’s right eye for the record. he was given this assignment by his editor in the name of good journalism.
  • then someone pushed the camera man and since the camera was heavy, it accidentally dropped on ampatuan’s face
  • no camera man in his right mind will do that to his camera and risk damage to his primarily tool in his job, even this one – an old lens that has not been working and cracked for years now
  • question – are there no camera lens that are as sharp as knives? or a lens that is as sharp as nail? memo to camera man: next time, please use the proper lens for shots like these.
  • finally, who the hell forgot to bring a knife????? aren’t knives standard issue to camera men too?  
  1. luisiana araneta
    May 14, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    mga ampatuan buhay pa kayo nasa empiyerno na kaluluwa ninyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone goes to hell and saw your souls in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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