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manny pacquiao’s movie “wapakman” is last in MMFF 1st day earnings, does not even reach P1M

manny pacquiao is the undisputed most popular man in this country. every filipino stopped whatever they were doing in his last fight to watch him win his fight. but filipinos appear not to have the same attitude when it comes to pacquaio the movie star – most did not bother to stop to watch pacquiao’s “wapakman” movie but watched the other movies instead.

the first day gross of pacquiao;s movie was 7th out of 7 entries to this years MMFF, earning only P750T, not even making P1M. that P1Million is most likely just a fraction of what they paid pacquiao to appear in the movie.

that makes us pause to think – we all love to watch pacquiao as a boxer, we do not care too much to watch him as movie star and not even as politician. pacquaio lost the first time he ran for congressman. he is again running now, we wonder if he can win this time?

the view we have taken is that he should not run for congress (read here, click: manny pacquiao should not run for public office – he can do more for the people if he remains a boxing champion than as a public official) and just remain as a champion boxer. with his movie being last at the box office, is this telling him he should have not run for congress in 2010?

Seven-time world champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has failed to bring his billion-peso punch to the box office.

Pacquiao’s superhero flick “Wapakman” landed in last place, earning only P750,000 on the first day of the two-week Metro Manila Film Festival.

According to official box-office records released by the MMFF, through executive committee member Ric Camaligan, the top slots were a close three-cornered fight among special-effects movies: “Ang Panday,” “Ang Darling Kong Aswang” and “Shake, Rattle & Roll XI.”

“Ang Panday,” a fantasy-action epic top-billed by actor-politician Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., earned P16.9 million nationwide. Coming in second was the Vic Sotto horror-comedy “Ang Darling Kong Aswang,” with P16.8 million. In third place is the long-running, all-star cast horror trilogy franchise “Shake” from Regal Entertainment, with P16.2 million.

Although “Wapakman” is also a special-effects-laden action flick, it didn’t attract the viewers who usually troop to Pacquiao’s prizefights that were shown via satellite in moviehouses, noted filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes.

Reyes, the director behind two MMFF top-grossers back-to-back (“Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” in 2006 and “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo” in 2007), offered a theory on Pacman’s lackluster box-office performance: “Filipinos adore him as a prizefighter… as an athlete, but apparently not as an actor, singer… not even as a politician.”

Reyes recalled that Pacquiao lost in his first Congressional bid against Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio in South Cotabato in 2007. He is running again in next year’s election, for a Congressional post in Saranggani.

Reyes recounted that Pacman’s entry in the MMFF two years ago, “Anak ng Kumander,” was also a tail-ender at the tills, earning barely P2 million by the end of the festival.

“People will stop their lives to watch him fight in the ring, but it seems they will not go out of their way to watch him goof around in a movie,” Reyes pointed out. “He is a real-life hero; not a superhero.”

There is also speculation in the entertainment industry that the rumors of an extra-marital affair linking Pacquiao to “Wapakman” co-star Krista Ranillo didn’t help in promoting what was ostensibly a family movie—much in the same way that gossip of an illicit romance with “Kumander” co-star Ara Mina didn’t help that earlier film’s performance at the box office either.  “There is a disconnect, publicity-wise. That’s possible,” said Reyes. “But in Pinoy macho society, there’s nothing too scandalous, shocking or salacious about the gossip regarding Manny and Krista anyway.”

In an earlier interview Pacquiao said: “Sana panoorin ng mga intrigero ang pelikula namin. Sayang naman ’yong intriga pag hindi kumita ang pelikula? (I hope the intrigue-mongers watch our movie. What’s the use of the intrigues if our movie doesn’t make money?)”

From all indications, the controversy didn’t contribute positively to the film’s box-office standing.

“He is an icon. A legend. He has to know his limits, his parameters,” said Reyes. “As a media personality, his biggest achievement is that he gave the world his mother, Dionisia, who is such a colorful character.”

Rounding out the box-office results of the first day of the MMFF, now in its 35th year, are the romance drama “I Love You, Goodbye,” with P11.7 million; the comedy-drama “Nobody, Nobody But . . . Juan,” with P8 million; the Chinese family saga “Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love,” with P6.9; and “Wapakman,” with P750,000.

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