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the ampatuans with free use of cellphones while in jail – allows them to plan an escape/rescue from their jail, intimidate witnesses, destroy evidence and access their bank accounts

Ampatuans ‘VIPs’ in jail
They have cell phones, catered meals in PNP camp
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 23:35:00 01/03/2010

GENERAL SANTOS CITY—Even in their detention cell, the Ampatuans appear to live like kings.

The suspects in the Nov. 23 massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao apparently have mobile phones, catered meals, even someone who comes daily to clean their cell in the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) compound at the Philippine National Police headquarters at Camp Fermin G. Lira Jr.

Four members of the powerful clan that once enjoyed a close friendship with President Macapagal-Arroyo are being held at the CIDG lockup. Three are brothers—Zaldy Ampatuan, suspended governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao; Sajid Ampatuan, former acting governor of Maguindanao; and Anwar Ampatuan, mayor of Shariff Aguak. The other is their uncle—Akmad Ampatuan, vice governor of Maguindanao.

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20100103-245345/Ampatuans-VIPs-in-jail

that was the headline story in today’s PDI. the headline story for tomorrow’s PDI will probably be this one – CIDG probes Ampatuans’ ‘VIP treatment’ in police camp. (click here to read in full: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100104-245437/CIDG-probes-Ampatuans-VIP-treatment-in-police-camp).


to us, it did not make sense that detained suspects are allowed so much luxury such as catered food. the use of cellphones to us in particular is the most stupid of the VIP privileges given to the ampatuans.

with the cellphone, the ampatuans while inside the jail can call anyone, including people who they can direct on what to do to hide evidence, tamper with evidence, talk and even intimidate witnesses.

one of the reasons why suspects are detained is to give the investigators a free hand to collect evidence and look for witnesses. having the suspects detained inhibits the freedom of the suspects to do any of those. giving them cellphones makes it all very easy for them to do just that.

the ampatuans can have the most sophisticated cellphones and it will allow them to use the internet, allowing access to almost anything not only limited to email or websites for general information  but more importantly their bank accounts. they can transfer funds, close accounts and do almost anything to their bank accounts.

almost all cellphones have cameras and that means they also have the ability to make not only audiol but visual contacts with the outside world. with built in cameras in cellphones and even  webcams on the other side, they can even have teleconferences, and do picture and video sharing.

the activities that have been allowed to the ampatuans with the use of the cellphone are not just limited to activities that will enable them to take an active role in winning the cases that will be filed against them through evidence hiding/tampering and witness intimidation, they can also plan and give intelligence information to their private armies outside of the jail to help them escape from detention.

videos and pictures of the jail the ampatuans are in, the layout of their cells and the jail itself , the kind of security equipment inside their cells may be transmitted to the outside world so that they can plan a flawless escape from their detention. the point of jailing them is to prevent escape. the ability to send our videos and pictures of the jail they are in keeps no secrets from any group who will want to free the ampatuans from their jail cell.

all of the above are very possible and yet the CIDG chief sees there is nothing wrong with it. (read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100104-245492/Nothing-wrong-with-Ampatuans-VIP-treatmentCIDG-chief)

we think this CIDG chief, should be fired from his job and jailed himself as soon as possible.


“I don’t think we can consider those as violations or special treatment,” Director Raul Castañeda, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) chief, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday.


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