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jason ivler – finally caught! watch video of raid and arrest here.

finally, jason ivler has been caught. we applaud the NBI and other police operatives for this one. there were two agents who were wounded in the operation, we hope for their full recovery.

these are chilling videos of the NBI’s raid on the house and capture of Ivler in his home. it starts with dozens of NBI agents hoisting two ladders on the wall of the home and some shoot out inside the home just before the capture of  ivler.

i have not seen raids like these go on in real life but i guess this is it. it all looks clumsy, disorganized and often ridiculous. for sure this is not like what we see on tv and movies, not by a stretch.

looking at the video, the first thing that comes to you mind is that these NBI agents are exposing themselves to grave danger. ivler has been characterized as armed and dangerous and yet they just hoisted the ladders up the wall. when they get to the top of the of the ladder, it exposes them to gunfire, just like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery in fairs.

only four agents were allowed to enter the home by the mom of ivler and the raiding team relented. i don’t get that. having only 4 agents searching for ivler in the home in my view was too few. why would the raiding team allow the mom of the suspect dictate the terms? the raiding team has a warrant of arrest and to search the home, they should dictate the terms which includes how to conduct the search and how many men who will do it. reports says there were at least 50 agents, they should have used most of them for the search.

they did plan for this raid but looking at the video, it did not look like any planning was done and the command structure seemed very loose.  

if this was a planned raid, i feel bad for the NBI agents who do these raids. their lives do not seem to be well protected in the raids they do. the safety of the raiding team does not seem to be the priority here.

Minutes before the shoot-out, which occurred at around 6:30 a.m. at Hillside Drive in Blue Ridge, the raiders found the crumpled black towel in Ivler’s supposedly unused room on the second floor of the house, according to the agents’ accounts.

Suspicious, they checked the bathroom across the room and saw signs it had just been used.

It was at that point that Aguilar, the mother, became hysterical and ordered the raiders out, the agents said.

Tattooed arm

NBI-SAU chief Magno told the Inquirer that while Aguilar was shepherding them off to the ground floor from Ivler’s room, he noticed a small storage room at the landing of the stairs.

“I asked her if I could see what was inside the stockroom, and she told me, ‘There’s nothing there to see.’ She seemed to be in a hurry to get us out of her son’s room,” Magno said.

Insistent, Magno said he peeked into the dark stockroom and, using a flashlight, saw mannequins and boxes stored inside. He said he also saw “a tattooed arm.”

“I knew he was there,” Magno said.

‘He acted like Rambo’

Backing away from the door, Magno said he drew his gun and, in Filipino, shouted at the man to come out. He said Ivler answered with volleys of gunfire through the closed door.

“He acted like Rambo when he saw our operatives,” NBI Deputy Director for Intelligence Ruel Lasala said, referring to the Hollywood character portrayed by Sylvester Stallone.

Magno was grazed by a bullet in the right thigh as he and the other agents ducked for cover.


MANILA, Philippines — (UPDATE 5) Aside from the killing of a Malacañang official’s son, Filipino-American Jason Ivler faces more charges for his attack on an arresting team of the National Bureau of Investigation, which resulted in injuries to two operatives.

At a press conference on Monday, NBI Director Nestor Mantaring said that Ivler would face charges of assault on agents or persons in authority, resisting arrest and illegal possession of firearms.

Ivler was arrested by joint operatives of the NBI and the Philippine National Police (PNP) after several months of hiding

Chief Superintendent Elmo San Diego, Quezon City police district chief, earlier said Ivler resisted arrest and was wounded in a gunfight with authorities.

Ivler sustained four gunshot wounds: the stomach, chest, shoulder, and leg and is being treated at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

NBI Deputy Director for Intelligence Service and lawyer Ruel Lasala said the encounter happened at around 6 a.m. Monday.

“Our operatives went to the house to serve the arrest warrant and Ivler fought back and shot our agents,” Lasala told the Inquirer.

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/topstories/topstories/view/20100118-247995/Ivler-faces-more-charges

details of arrest.

  1. January 23, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Jason Aguilar Ivler

    Pinili kong isulat ito sa tagalong para sa ating mga Pilipino. Dito mga kapwa Pilipino ditto niyo makikita kung gaano kalaki ang diskriminasyon ditto sa Pilipinas. Ang paghuli kay Jason Aguilar Ivler.
    Una bakit nga ba siya hinuli? Dahil sa kasalanang pagpatay? Ngayon bakit ganon na lang kababoy ang pagtrato sa kanya? Ilan ba ang kanyang napatay? Dito natin ma ikukumpara kay AMPATUAN.
    Ilan ang napatay ni AMPATUAN? Paano siya tinrato ng pamahalaan? Hindi ko na kailngang sagutin iyan dahil alam niyo yan mga kababayan.
    Ngayon kay Jason. Ilan ang napatay ni Jason ang tanong sino kasi ang kanyang napatay? Alam niyo naman ang mga sagot sa katanungan na yan. Nais ko lang ipaalala sa inyong lahat ito.
    Bakit ganito sa ating bayan. Kawawa naman ang mga aping-palad. Mga kababayan hindi ko kaano-ano si Jason ngunit para sa akin sana magising na tayo sa ganitong gawain. Parusahan muna natin si AMPATUAN diba? Napaka bias ng ating gobyerno. Napaka bias ng ating batas. Talaga bang may butas ang batas ng Pilipinas. Bakit ganito kabilis ang hustisya ng isang anak ng employee ng government at ganito ba kalakas ang influence nito. Paano naman ang may 57 persons na pinatay ng AMPATUAN? Malaking katanungan ito. Sobrang sobra na. Matagal na akong mulat kaya sana mga kababayan maging mulat na rin kayo at kahit sa internet ay suportahan niyo ang dapat nating ipaglaban. Isigaw natin at ipaalam sa lahat na kailangan na nating magising at huwag mag walang bahala. Kailangan na nating makialam.
    Napanood ko po ang videos ng raid kay Jason Aguilar Ivler at doon nakita ko naman na totoo ngang binuhat siya na parang baboy ng maraming guy’s because maybe mabigat siya pero we can call for medic assistant na sana that time because Jason has a wound already. He’s been shot. Then after that he is thrown maybe because those guy’s who carry him is mad at him because Jason change shoot with them before they can arrest Jason itself. There’s an explanation but the explanation is not good for me to accept. That is not right, we have a human rights. I hope everyone knows what are their human rights to be respect upon by those who have the power and position in the country.
    To: GMA noon time show every Saturday:
    ( Showbiz Entertainment Show )
    This is my comment for the interview you had played this Saturday January 23, 2010. Your interview was so bias for the other party. Being a journalist or being the interviewer you must be fair.
    To all the people:
    Yes, we can judge other in our own mind but to influence other is not good. Let others judge what they can feel and what they can see. Mostly if we are public figure, what we are saying and act in public/media can influence those viewers.

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