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the apple tablet, the iPad – the good news and the bad news

apple finally launches it’s tablet, the iPad. ues. that is the name, should there be any other? the whole industry, including consumers have been on edge about this product launch with speculations and excitement running through and through since last year. if we have heard and read about it before it was even launched, we should expect a lot more in the coming weeks.

wall street has reacted well, not crazy but AAPL’s price ended slightly up from previous day’s close $207.88, +$1.94.

now, the good news on the apple iPad:

  • entry level price of $499 is a winner! this was almost shocking as most were expecting a price range of $600 to $1,000, most on the upper end of the price range. this price point is premium pricing versus netbooks but not crazy premium pricing and just about there versus entry level laptops. while is good news now, it will be excellent news next year when apple, based on previously established strategies will reduce its price on year 2.
  • it does what most of what the iphone and ipod touch does.
  • most of the 150 T apps in the app store will run on the iPad.
  • this is just about there as good news – the name is, well -expected. we were expecting a magical name, but do they really have a choice on the name? you have the ipod, the natural and yes the no-choice name for the tablet should be ipad.


now, the bad news on the apple iPad:

  • it’s just a bigger iphone/ipod touch. we were hoping it would be  a smaller macbook. the iPad would be redefining the market or creating it’s own if was a scaled down macbook as that would effectively cover what netbooks offer on top of doing what a macbook can.
  • the product as is now is good but we do not think it will change our world in a major way. to us, what it is is it’s a much better e-book reader, something consumers will consider buying rather than amazon’s kindle. the price is at a steep premium versus the kindle but it is an apple product and has internet connectivity.
  • what this is is a promise of greatness in the future. give the app developers sometime, enhance the features, add new ones and in a year or two, this can change our world.
  • there are technical problems, or at least questions for now – it is heavy, battery life and the problem of having no keyboard. these are laptop-associated consumer concerns but can you blame consumers when this product is very close to a laptop. the comparison to laptops, including measuring the product against laptop expectations which is a very natural thing to do for consumers.

bottom line for us – no, it is not yet a buy for us. well, most apple products are much better when it reaches 2nd generation stage. on this one that is much more pronounced and real.

while this is not yet a buy for us, we think it has enough to get the whole market rethinking things and thinking about going after the iPad. it is not there yet, but we are talking of apple here and since they already have this in the market, the market may well be changed by the iPad.

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