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philippine call center agents — prone to HIV-AIDS infection due to FUBUs and casual sex?

we would like to get a copy of the study to look at the data more closely. but what we have in the press on the sexual habits of call center agents and the rate of infection is very disturbing.

it is anecdotal but we understand the situation of the call center agent. it is high paying but it is a very unforgiving job. your world is the opposite of the world of most people where they stay awake during the night to work and sleep during the day to rest. it is common to see young professionals, call center agents drinking beer in large groups at 7 am in the morning., the first time we saw this, we got shocked, then understood why that was so, just like other young professionals, the call center agents were having a drink with their office mates after work. it’s just that the work they do is at night.

with a work place very different from the rest the openness to experimentation and sex, these are young adults are understandable. we hope this will be a wake up call for the BPO industry.

The study, with 675 respondents from 22 call centers in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, showed a significant number of call center workers has contracted diseases through non-romantic but regular sexual engagements known in the industry as FUBU, short for ‘F**ked Buddies.’ F’K Buddies (FUBU), the study showed, is a recent phenomenon that involves consensual sexual intercourse among call center workers done at fire exit areas or in dark lounges. “I validated the results of this survey with several call center agents,” Ople said, “and they told me that FUBU is gaining ground especially among nightshift workers.”



Dr. Crisol Tabajero, Health Information and Research Coordinator of the DOH Region 7 said in forum yesterday that because of their environment and peer pressure, call center agents tend to involve in risky sexual behaviors.

She said that basing on a study conducted by the University of the Philippines Population Institute and the Department of Health, the result of the study is alarming but it is not surprising.

It was found that more call center workers have early penetrative premarital sex and have had sex with the same sex.

Twenty percent of male call center agents are commercial sex workers while 14 percent of them give payment in exchange for sex.

More call center workers have had casual sex experience and half of the male call center workers and one out of nine female call center agents have had casual sex experience.

It also revealed that there are more call center agents who have a regular non-romantic sexual partner with more males than females engaging with it.

The study revealed that in the past 12 months, regardless of gender, nearly one-third of male of call center agents had casual sex.


  1. June 18, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    i work in a philippine call center and i agree with the article… suggestion: use protection…

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