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Morong 43 – illegal arrest, torture, sexual molestation, where is the truth?

everyday, we have been reading about the Morong 43. 43 health workers arrested, a large number and all of them supposed to be NPAs . first thing that came to our mind – since when were the NPAs that stupid?

they hold a seminar for bomb making in morong, that is almost metro manila, in big numbers, without any kind of security preparation?

the NPA have been soldiers for decades. they are one of  the most organized and most trained, perhaps matching the skills of the Philippine Armed Forces. they have been pursued by the law for as long as they have existed, through those decades, they should have mastered the art of hiding and not getting caught.

all of a sudden, they are lazy, incompetent and extremely careless. really?

then we read about the way the military arrested them and the following mental torture. then the sexual molestation.

is the philippine military that stupid? how can they be so stupid in the way they arrested the morong 43 and torture and molest them after their arrest when they must have known fully this will not just disappear in the night. you arrest that number of NPAs in mega manila, you will get a lot of attention and each tiny move scrutinized.

how can the military be so incompetent and extremely careless?

like the NPAs doesn’ t the military think this through and plan out the details before they raided the place and arrested the “NPAs”?

this boggles the mind. where is the truth?

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100214-253179/Morong-female-health-workers-sexually-molestedvictims-mom

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