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richard gomez once again loses the election – for the 3rd time!

okay, we get it. we know it. richard gomez really wants to enter politics and he really wants to get elected. he has tried this at least 3 times already. and on this third time, he once again loses the election and this time even before it started.

the CMELEC just disqualified gomez from running for congressman in Leyte.

gomez has tried to get an election seat before. if my memory serves me right he first tried through the party list. on that one i think he got disqualified. the other time was he ran for senator and also lost that one. gomez together with other celebrities lost big in that election.

we understand the persistence of gomez to get elected into a public office, any public office but he needs to improve on something very important – he needs to do better planning and he needs to be a lot smarter than what he is showing now. to us it appears gomez has the right intentions but he gets killed on laws, rules and poor planning. how does he expect to do well in public office when he can’t even properly plan his candidacy?

Richard Gomez: Latest LP bet to be axed by Comelec

 By Leila Salaverria
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:12:00 02/18/2010

MANILA, Philippines—The Liberal Party (LP) may have been allowed to keep its celebrity endorsers but it lost one of its star candidates for a congressional seat in Leyte.

Actor Richard Gomez, who was sworn in as LP member in November last year, was disqualified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) from running in the fourth district of the province for lack of residency.

Gomez became the latest LP member to suffer defeat in the hands of the Comelec. Earlier, the poll body nullified the 2007 election victories of three governors who are LP members—Grace Padaca of Isabela, Eddie Panlilio of Pampanga and Joselito Mendoza of Bulacan.

Neric Acosta, an LP senatorial candidate, said the series of defeats that the party was suffering in the hands of the Comelec could be part of a tactic to derail the LP’s national campaign.


  1. corazon andaya
    April 12, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    The disqualification of Mr. Richard Gomez is purely political scheme in nature. The rival party seeking election knows how strong the line of candidates the LP bet.There are many candidates in many past elections who do not have the required residency, yet, nobody lift a finger to file disqualification of any of them. If the office of the comelec really adheres to its rules and regulations, the office should review each candidate application find out by that office itself. In this way the provision is not utilize by some people for personal interest or people that are paid to do so. I suggest that the Comelec review applications in past elections, the office will be surprised to find many have violated such rules yet no one has lifted a finger to apply for disqualification of those candidates, maybe some of the are holding office now in the Congress. The issue of this kind of technicality has not been strictly imposed that it becomes paradoxically moro-mor style process. Selective process? suiting the people in power?
    Residency qualification is just but technical in nature which can not guarantee for someone to lead and give a good clean governance. It is negligible as Comelec puts it time and time, reason why some candidates were able to run. This technicality is only used by desperate rival to eliminate strong opponents. Now I ask the people of Leyte, is it not time to change reins? You see how your government handed to same clan or family every election. Are there no good people to run your government except them? Why not try another person run your government so you could have comparison if these people you constantly elected really good?
    Gomez is only a victim of selective application of the laws and regulations, what poor planning you are talking about. Do not look on Mr. Gomez planning try to look on Comelec way of applying the laws and regulations. Be open mind. I guess you miss that.

    May 1, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    i want richard gomez to serve his people because he is genuinely good and honest man. sana matuloy siya sa leyte. i will pray for him.

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