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for the sake of the philippines – ban annabelle rama from tv and the country!

i am not a fan of kris acquino.  this latest controversy that kris got herself into it versus the evil mom-daughter tandem of annabelle rama and rufa gutierez once again confirms my previous feelings towards annabelle rama – someone needs to ban her from national tv and the whole of the philippines if possible.

how old is rufa gutierez? is she over 18? i don’t understand why ruffa can be such a wimp. i don’t see anything particularly hurtful about what kris told her in the show,

i ask again – how old is rufa gutierez? why does she allow her mom to order her around and why in the world does she listen to her mom at all? this whole thing and all the other things that have happened to rufa and her mom seem to point rufa gets into trouble because of her mom. but for some reason rufa continue to listen to her mom. and she has children already, right?

we will stop here. just watch the video and judge for yourself why annabelle rama need to be banned from tv and the country.

Fans rally behind Kris Aquino against Annabelle Rama

Fans of Kris Aquino came to the defense of the beleaguered TV host after Ruffa Gutierrez’s camp lambasted their idol on national television. The loquacious sister of presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, had herself embroiled in a controversy again; this, after making a comment on Ruffa’s planned transfer to TV5 in the “P.O.V” segment of last Sunday’s “The Buzz” episode.

 “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito,” Kris told the surprised Ruffa who, apparently got hurt, retorting, “Well, I know. You don’t have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I’m sad din, so sana huwag mo namang, you know, dagdagan.”

Ruffa was already near tears even as she mouthed her reply to Kris.

Ruffa is set to host a new talk show together with Cristy Fermin and Mo Twister that will collide head on with “The Buzz.” She is supposed to do two more episodes of “The Buzz.”

After Ruffa walked out of the show, her mom and manager, the feisty Annabelle Rama, made a statement on rival network GMA-7, lambasting Kris for the latter’s supposed “arrogance” and protracted “bullying.”

Kris’ fans were seemingly hurt with the outburst, and as such made their sentiments felt via the kris_aquino yahoo group.

One fan wailed: “Tumaas ata ang BP ko kanina. I don’t find Kris’ statement offensive at all. Annabelle said na they got fed up of Kris’ supposedly bullying Ruffa every week. What a coincidence? Bakit ngayon lang sila nagreklamo? What a timing. Kung kelan lilipat si Ruffa. It’s not Kris’ fault that Ruffa is not that WITTY. Na hindi makasabay si Ruffa sa kanya. This is just a gimik. But Annabelle, this is not a good gimik. Dahil, natapakan na ang pagkatao ni Kris dito. At dinamay mo pa si Noy. How pathetic of yours [sic] to get the attention and sympathy from the people.”

“Wah! After ng saya, intriga galore na naman! Tsk Tsk! Maiipit c KA [Kris Aquino] dito. I must admit it was a tactless move on her part but I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt anyone at all. Ruffa was so emotional about her leaving ABS-CBN… made her extra sensitive. We can’t blame her kung ganon reaction niya. Pero, grabe ha! OA naman reaction nila DJ Mo and Raymond G! As if Kris did something na makakapekto sa ikakaganda ng bayan! Come on! Just because you’re not Pro-Noynoy!” said another.

A supporter advised Kris to apologize, only to renege on it.

“Kris, be extra careful next time ha and just say your apology very graciously. I’ll pray that this issue will end well and faster than expected.

“Wait! I take back what I said kanina! Wag ka na magsorry! Ok lng na umiyak si Ruffa dahil baka emotional lng talaga sa pag-alis..nagpakaOA na pala ang bruha! Wag ka na magsorry Kris! Please lang!”

That said, Kris has apologized not only to Ruffa but to Annabelle as well.

“I had dinner with Noy tonight after his TV shoot. He told me ‘di raw ba pwede na may quiet Sunday kami? And he asked why siya nadadamay when he’s not even part of ‘The Buzz.’ I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa. I viewed the tape and although I still feel I gave my comment with affection, maybe it made her feel even worse because she’s now moving in a new direction. We had what I believed was a good working relationship in the almost two years we were together on ‘The Buzz.’

“I can also understand that Ruffa’s mom dislikes Noynoy and my family, maybe because of association and our proclamation of admiration for Dingdong and his selfless contribution to help Noy’s presidential bid.

“It is with Ruffa that I enjoyed a healthy relationship with and I only have good words to say about her. To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing you hurt. My brother Noynoy would like to add that we live in a democracy where we are free to make our own choice for president.”


  1. evelyn embry
    March 31, 2010 at 3:22 am

    matagal ko nang ban ang pamilya guttirez, lalon lalo na d monster mom!!!! wah level sila sa AQUINO’S family, LUV;;;;;LUV::: makakarma ka rin monster mom annibel drama;;;;;pinakita mo lan wala kan breedin;;;;very low;;;;tryin 2 look ur sosyal;;; di naman!!!!!

  2. soso
    May 21, 2010 at 2:18 am

    …Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… filipinos stop this controversy…mahilig kayo sa drama…

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  2. May 13, 2010 at 8:04 am

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