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clottey in fight with pacquiao not to win it?

it was not at all a fight. only one man fought, manny pacquaio in all rounds did so while all that clottey did was defend himself with few punches thrown. there was no doubt that it was a pacquiao win as clottey clammed up in his defence, hardly throwing a punch.

it looks like  clottey forgot that  in boxing, defense is not offense. in boxing defense does not earn points, throwing punches does.

clottey’s corner knew it. at some point his handler told him they are losing the fight and he needs to take chances and throw punches. but he did not listen and did the same thing as what he did most of the time – his hands up on his face covering most of the targets boxers go for.

the whole thing seemed like clottey was in the fight not to win it but just go the distance in a loss. that is exactly the opposite of what pacquiao did. even though clottey has his hands over his face and much of his body for maybe 95% of the time, pacquiao did not give up and kept on trying to get his hands down and more importantly find a way to land ounches on his opponent.

pacquaio could have reduced to one half the number of punches he gave clottey and he could have still won the fight and earn the guaranteed millions at the end, but he did no such thing. pacquiao was there to win, score and give the fans something to be awed with even though he had an uncooperative opponent.

every fighter knows if you can’t deliver on a knockout, the way to win the fight is to land punches on your opponent. clottey made too few attempts to land a punch and instead focused on covering up. that is not a boxing strategy to win, it is a strategy to go the distance in a loss.  

it is possible that clottey was just waiting for pacquiao to make a mistake to allow him to throw one lucky punch. things like pacquaio to slip or something or take a nap in the middle of the ring.

the problem with that strategy is the word “lucky”. “lucky” does not come all the time. in fact it rarely happens. the other weakness of that strategy is that pacquiao is a master fighter, he is not one who allows his opponents to have lucky punches. in boxing, “lucky” is not something you wait for, it is something you create.

even manny does not rely on “lucky”, he follows a strategy born out of very rigorous study and training. luck has nothing to do in the fights of manny. and we saw that in this fight. manny simply did what he knows best – fight, fight and fight more.

when the fight ended, the question on who won the fight was totally settled, the only question left was – what round did clottey win. and true enough one judge awarded all the rounds to pacquaio.

conclusion – pacquaio can win over much bigger opponents. clottey needs to learn that punching is what gets points in boxing.

Clottey, known for his defense, took this fight to a ridiculous extreme. The bell for each round rang, Clottey put his gloves upside his head and sauntered out toward Pacquiao, who hit him with everything. The only mistake Pacquiao’s camp made was not bringing a kitchen sink.


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