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manny pangilinan speechgate: writers are not ateneans, reaches The New York Times

The New York Times calls manny pangilinan the “eminent imitator” for his speechgate at the 2010 ateneo graduation rites. it has reached beyond the 7,100 islands, one of the most prominent filipino business tycoon now known for something else other than business prowess.

in today’s telecast of ABS CBN’s TV Patrol World, ateneo said the writers who wrote manny pangilinan’s plagiarized speech are not ateneans. it did not identify who they are  and from what school they came from.

this gives us some relief.


we have received some emails identifying the names of the writers. one name keeps getting mentioned. since we do not yet have a way to verify these names or that one name, we will not publish it here.

we are still hoping we will get something from the writers themselves.


we wonder how the graduates of batch 2010 feel about all these. i am sure graduation time was a happy one. hearing that speech should have helped the happy moment. but reading about the speech days after the graduation may bring some new emotions and thoughts.


ateneo needs to reconcile what fr. nebres wrote in his letter to pangilinan versus the school’s stand and policy on plagiarism in the school.


this is a very good lesson to CEOs who are invited to deliver commencement exercise speeches  – ask the speech writer point blank if any part of the speech has been copied from someone else.

better yet, don’t hire a speech writer, write it yourself.

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