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the manny pangilinan speechgate – should pangilinan return the degree of Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa given by ateneo?

let us know what you think on this issue, please post a comment.

actually the other question here is – shouldn’t ateneo take back the degree of honoris causa that it gave to pangilinan?

reader reactions:

Konoswa :

To MVP: Return the degree of HONORIS CAUSA, and file IRREVOCABLE resignation of board position. These must be done to make a complete atonement of the cheating offense committed.

To Fr. Nebres: You should call it a spade; regardless of color dealt. You say MISTAKE? Should lightning strike twice, can an Ateneo student, on the dock for PLAGIARISM, quote you on this? Your use of the term MISTAKE, was a mistake along the standard of Fr. Cantalamessa’s mistake (comparing Holocaust with cleric pederasty).

Remember what Fr. Dela Costa wrote about split-level Christianity. Ethical principles also demand consistency—in the classroom, or boardroom.

The 3rd paragraph falls flat in the face, it was ruffling feathers not yet ruffled!

Your reply hints at compassion and empathy for MVP, but you are prolonging the guy’s agony by going to huddle still with cohorts, then back to MVP with the results. Your slip is showing symptoms of Peter principle.

If you must grieve for MVP, then do so by his side.

Your saving grace, at least, was not calling it a mere faux pax!

Plagiarism is what it is, and the apology of MVP suffices under these circumstances. But were this a case of paper chase for grades, I shudder to think the failing mark the hapless student receives after thorough rinsing and wringing by the professor, Dean Wanbol, and dear parents. Worse, being kicked in the butt with a disHONORable DISMISSAL to boot!

To 2 Ateneo writers: admit to your participation, and henceforth refrain from writing, whether of the spooky or nom de plum kind, except when hired by anyone from the GREEN side of town. Seriously.

Lucky Manzano :

Resigning from Ateneo is not enough. The most honorable thing for MVP to do is to return the honorary degree(s) accorded to him by Ateneo. I’ve read somewhere that he has a doctorate (honoris causa) from Ateneo.

And he should also divulge the identities of his speech writers, especially when Ateneo officials have denied reports that those speech writers were from Ateneo, at least to remove the cloud of doubt and shame from the university.

It is also not enough for that Ateneo official to just say those writers were not Ateneans or else it would just be a case of covering up your own mistakes. Identities should be revealed to completely erase the shame this has brought the school. It’s okay for those culprits to be revealed since that will be their punishment.

  1. Tess V. Guevarra
    April 17, 2010 at 4:00 am

    His doctorate degree Honoris Causa has got nothing to do with the scandal of plagiarism. There were accomplishments credited to his name and earning a doctorate degree may not even be a primary consideration.
    Anyone who is familiar with corporate settings know that Presidents/CEOs have paid speech writers. The speechwriters of MVPangilinan should have owned to the scandal with all humility. Unfortunately, they do not have the character to come out into the open and be ready to be crucified. Surely, the PR firm they represent would have to close business for loss of integrity in the PR Business.They cannot even come up with a strategy for damage control after doing an “unpardonable crime.”
    There were many reports that say that the culprits were Ateneo graduates. If so, we all know who should be red faced in this shameful and unfortunate event.

    On the other hand, MVP has issued a public apology and took the full responsibility. That is a magnanimity of character displayed there when it could have been easy for him to attribute the fault to his speech writers and still come out clean. This is magnanimity is now so rare in this generation.

  1. April 10, 2010 at 11:46 am

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