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ateneo professors disagree with official ateneo action on manny pangilinan speechgate

we are publishing here verbatim what we got through email.

THIS is the Ateneo Way!  we will give our response to this next.


Response to the Statement of the
Ateneo de Manila University’s Board of Trustees
Regarding the Issues Arising from
the Commencement Address of Manuel V. Pangilinan

We, the undersigned faculty, administrators and staff of the Loyola
Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, strongly disagree with the
decision of our Board of Trustees to reject Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan’s
offer to retire from his official duties most notably in his role as
Chairman of the Board.

As an academic institution, the Ateneo de Manila University should
take cases of plagiarism very seriously as these are violations of
intellectual integrity. In this instance, the act of plagiarism in the
speech delivered by Mr. Pangilinan at the graduation ceremonies of the
John Gokongwei School of Management and the School of Science and
Engineering on March 26, 2010 and the speech delivered by Mr.
Pangilinan at the graduation ceremonies of the School of Humanities
and the School of Social Sciences is beyond dispute.

While it was suggested by Mr. Pangilinan himself that he had some help
with the speeches, he also accepted ‘full and sole responsibility’ for
the plagiarism. Having taken full and sole responsibility, Mr.
Pangilinan bore the sole burden of accountability. As a University, we
should have applied the standards we usually apply to cases of
plagiarism, the same standards we use in handling acts of intellectual
dishonesty among our students, staff, professionals and faculty. We
teach the members of our community to accept responsibility for their
actions and to accept the consequences for such actions.  But in this
case, there is a claim of responsibility without accountability.

In fact, a higher standard must apply in this instance because Mr.
Pangilinan is the Chairman of our Board and as such, he is the co-head
of the University along with our President. In many respects, he
represents the University. As a symbol of his representation of the
University, the Chairman of the Board of the University has a seat on
stage at commencement exercises and academic convocations, two of the
most sacred rites of the academe. It would present an awfully awkward
situation and a tremendous distraction to have memories of a
plagiarized speech overshadowing these ceremonies because of the
presence (or absence) of Mr. Pangilinan.

Accepting Mr. Pangilinan’s offer to retire would have allowed him and
the University to move on from this unfortunate incident. Mr.
Pangilinan’s offer to retire was an honorable act. Not accepting Mr.
Pangilinan’s offer to retire dishonors that action.

Accepting Mr. Pangilinan’s offer to retire does not diminish our
regard for his person and for his contributions to society and to the
University. Not accepting his offer to retire, on the other hand,
seriously undermines the academic integrity of the Ateneo de Manila


Leland Joseph R. Dela Cruz (Development Studies Program),
Joy G. Aceron (Department of Political Science),
Fernando T. Aldaba (Department of Economics),
Clark Lim Alejandrino (Chinese Studies Program),
Rowena Anthea Azada-Palacios (Department of Philosophy),
Edsel L. Beja Jr. (Department of Economics),
Rica Bolipata Santos (Department of English),
Louis Catalan S.J. (Department of Philosophy),
Antonio F. B de Castro S.J. (Department of History),
Aleta C. Domdom (Department of Economics),
Ma. Celeste T. Gonzalez (Department of Education),
Marita Castro Guevara (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Development Studies Program),
Roberto O. Guevara (Department of Theology),
Estelle Marie M. Ladrido (Department of Communication),
Albert M. Lagliva (Department of Philosophy),
Joseph Anthony Y. Lim (Department of Economics),
Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag (Department of Psychology),
Gabriel Maria J. Lopez (Department of Leadership and Strategy),
Ada Javellana Loredo (Department of English),
Pamela Joy M. Mariano (Department of Philosophy),
Isabel Pefianco Martin (Department of English),
Lara Katrina Tajonera Mendoza (Department of English),
Ruben C. Mendoza (Department of Theology),
Jovino G. Miroy (Department of Philosophy and Fine Arts Program),
Luisa O. Moldera (School of Social Sciences),
Ambeth R. Ocampo (Department of History),
Glenda C. Oris (Kagawaran ng Filipino),
Emma E. Porio (Department of Sociology-Anthropology),
Mary Racelis (Department of Sociology-Anthropology),
Danton R. Remoto (Department of English),
Fructuoso T. Sabug  Jr. (Department of Leadership and Strategy),
Sairry R. Sandoval (Department of Economics),
Elizabeth S. Tan (Chinese Studies Program),
Maria L. Tendero (School of Social Sciences),
Philip Arnold P. Tuano (Department of Economics),
Fernando N. Zialcita (Department of Sociology-Anthropology),

Signatories as of 6.04 p.m., Wednesday, 14 April 2010.

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  1. PV Ferrer
    April 16, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    I am heartened to see so many of Ateneo’s academe in protest and standing for the principles I considered Atenean. I hope there will be a groundswell.

    I was disheartened to see Fr. Ben Nebres announcing the message of the board’s decision. I was disgusted at the decision of the board which made me wonder what kind of an education I was giving my kids in their grade school and high school. It was a primary principle that the people at the very top were demolishing in the academic excellence that Ateneo used to espouse. No amount of justification (for money or for friendship) can convince the public that this was a sound moral decision.

    This kind of a decision is a milestone that commences the deterioration of academic excellence in the Ateneo. Fr. Ben and the board seem to forget that the children in their school know and understand the implications of their decision. This has become a precedent that blesses plagiarism and disregards intellectual integrity. No faculty member from here on can reasonably sanction a student for such a violation. The student simply has to cite the decision of Fr. Ben Nebres in condoning the plagiarism in Manny Pangilinan’s speech. It has weakened the academic fiber to demand excellence from its student body.

    However, I am also a realist and I have seen how Ateneo’s leadership is not open to listening to others. This was very concretely demonstrated in the failed exercise last year to address the safety hazards that killed Amiel Alcantara.

  2. Konoswa
    April 17, 2010 at 4:12 am

    Bakit sa atin mga laiko, klaro/maliwanag ang tama at mali, at ang susunod na hakbang?
    So the truism is true, ‘do as I tell you, not what I do’.
    Is it really so glaringly gray that Fr. Nebres needs somebody from Vatican or Jesuit Provincial to point things out via powerpoint??
    Ano ba yan??…kaunting pagninilay (introspection!) naman, naman. No wonder at the time of Erap’s presidency, it was acceptable for him to be wearing his signature white wristband with the RP seal of OP…because he does not know left from right, and what’s right or wrong. He wouldn’t know any better, though batchmates picked him up, where the Jesuits kicked him out.
    Pagawa din dapat Ateneo Admin ng wristband: distribute to ALL board members, plus 2 more for the nameless Ateneo ghostwriters…their English professors too!

    Kawawa naman ang Ateneo, pumurol ang pagiging mapanuri(critical), kumapal ang kaselanan(sensitivity), bumaba ang antas(standard), nalito/nahilo sa kadamakan ng kapaligiran, at nais pa mandin lumusong sa pusali.

  1. April 17, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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