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charice pempengco in hit tv show Glee – time to improve english and comprehension skills

this blog is a fan of charice pempengco.  many posts have been made in the blog to celebrate charice’s singing career. she will now start on new career path and this one is really huge – as a cast member of the US tv hit show Glee.  charice is on the verge of truly going big time.

but what about the sleepless nights we have on this new beginning for charice? here they are:

  • how is charice’s english speaking skills? we have seen here improve over the years and we must admit the improvement has been dramatic. we are just not sure if the level of improvement in her english skills is to the level of delivering the lines in Glee.
  • more importantly and this to us is a bigger worry – can she handle interviews by the press with her english skills? we have watched charice in the US talk shows and she did not do well in many parts.
  • her biggest problem is comprehension. we think often times charice was unable to understand the question properly. in some of these interviews, charice gave an answer that was way off. obviously she was unable to understand the question.
  • charice in most parts can handle direct and simple questions but she is unable to read between the lines.  often she is unable to understand there are hidden meanings in the questions asked of her and when she gives an answer it comes out flat or way out there. we do not know if it’s poor comprehension skills or her immaturity. we think it’s more the former.
  • what will be the story line in the glee tv show when charice joins the cast and story? we hope it will be culturally sensitive to filipinos.

bottom line – we cringe in fear of a monumental error to be commited by charice every timee we see her on tv being interviewed.  we wouldrather she just sing than talk.

it will take more than just brilliant singing skills now for charice. she will enter a different kind of world with a lot more challenges and needing many more skills to succeed on it.  we hope her handlers are aware of this and will put a lot of efforts to train her and get her to acquire the skills.

we wish charice the best. we also applaud her.

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