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new MRT fares should be increased to between aircon bus and aircon taxi prices

for sure, the MRT fares should be increased. it cannot stay at the current low rates which in effect are highly subsidized by the government. we think it should be increased so that the operators can get some decent profit out of it and more importantly, we are hoping the MRT will improve its services.

on top of the improvement to do list is a significant increase in number of coaches so that  waiting time for passengers will be lessened and hopefully reduce the volume of passengers  inside the coaches.

rush hour is deadly at the trains. just to get to the train already takes a long time. and when you finally get to the coaches, you are forced to be packed worst than sardines. getting out  of  the coaches where people are cramped toe to toe will need using your two elbows and hands to work over time to push people in front of you so that you can get out of the train before the train door closes.

having more coaches and effectively shortening waiting time will result to less people inside the coaches.

the increase in fares will not only give the operators more decent profits and more comfort for passengers, it might have the effect of reducing the number of passengers due to the higher cost. those who can no longer afford the higher cost will be forced to take other modes of transportation like the buses or jeepneys. that in effect will benefit the other means of public transportation as their customer base will increase.

the question is – to what level should the fares be increased? newspaper reports say the transport authorities are thinking of increasing the train fares to the level of the aircon buses. we  disagree.

we think the train fares should be increased  higher than aircon buses but lower than aircon taxi fares or between aircon buses and aircon taxis. we are saying that based on the benefits each mode of transportation gives passengers.  it is sensible to expect that those that give the most benefits should be able to charge higher than those with less.

it is understandable why taxis should charge highest – they have aircon, you are alone in the car and it can take you right at the  doorstep of your destination.  aircon FX should be next – they have aircon, fewer passengers and takes you to within walking distance to your final destination. this i followed by aircon buses as they are the next best thing  to FX – they have aricon and takes you on the main roads in comfort. the jeepney should be cheapest as it is the least comfortable among all the public transport.

given that thinking, we think the MRT is between aicon taxi and aircon bus as it has all the major benefits of taking an aircon  taxi or aircon bus – all three have aircon; versus the taxi, it’s inferior in number of passengers inside the vehicle and is unable to take you to the exact location you want to go to. however, the MRT is superior versus aircon buses as it will take you much faster to your destination than a taxi would  or even an aircon bus on the same route as the train.

pricing levels are determined according to the product quality and end-consumer benefits. the product that has a better quality and gives superior benefits will not only cost more to produce or maintain, it can also give superior benefits to end-consumers. it is the same thing for the taxi, MRT and the aircon buses.

MRT fares likely to become equal to aircon bus fares — DOTC –>


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