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blog scam – tita jo from england

we got this email from someone from england addressed to someone we have written on this blog.  we decided not to forward it to the person featured in this blog as we thought this is probably some kind of a scam.

the letter writer claims to be from england and knows the person we featured in this blog. the letter writer says she is in the country for a short period of time and will like to meet with the person featured in this blog.

we thought it was some kind of a scam,. if this person truly knew the person we featured in this blog, then she would have known how to get in touch, not course it through this blog. also, the email was full of grammatical errors and that made us doubt the authenticity of the email. however, this scammer is pretty brave, including a landline number and a cell phone number.

we do not know what the deal is here. but it is certainly highly suspicious. we are publishing it her to warn others of this scam. this is the first time we have encountered this kind of scam in this blog.

please be warned.

hi -xxx-, im sure you will be surprised to know who am i, im tita jo from london england, im sure you still know me. jovita -xxx- from moorfieds eye hospital. am in manila for a holiday and been trying to contact you long time ago as i have witness the tragedy that has had happened -xxx-  year at the -xxx-  at akoy nakikiramay sa inyong lahat. its very sad so i tried many ways to contact you and this is the only possible way i have to get in touch with you. im in manila at present until the 17th sept. i hope we can meet each other at your most convenient time. i know you are both very busy with your daily chores in life.my contact no. is 368xxxx or 0916213xxxx dont hesitate to ring me at anytime. thank you and hope to speak n see you. maraming salamat po.  tita jo xxx.from england

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