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things get ugly : willie revillame sues abs-cbn for P11M, abs-cbn counterclaims for P486M

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we thought this is where the episode in the life of willie revillame will end  – in court and ugly.    in a press conference held recently, revillame “invalidates” his contract with abs-cbn. (click here:http://www.abs-cbn.com/Feature/Article/8278/Willie-Revillame-invalidates-his-contract-with-ABS-CBN.aspx). a flurry of activities was fired offf by abs-cbn since that tine, one of which saying revillame is still under contract with abs-cbn and he just can’t invalidate it. (http://www.abs-cbn.com/Feature/Article/8277/OFFICIAL-STATEMENT-ON-WILLIE-REVILLAME-S-PRESSCON-PRONOUNCEMENTS.aspx)

the latest real life episode puts revillame about to air a new tv show in another tv station. they are rumors but the it is all over the place with a few details about the show making it sound much more than just rumors.

things like these are never easy.  you just can’t walk out of things. these need to be settled in court. and things are getting ugly – for the part of revillame in the tune of an P11M claim and for abs0cbn a mind boggling P486M counterclaim. abs-cbn seem to be bent on taking back everything and anything that revillame earned as tv host at the tv station since the start of his career there. abs-cbn’s counterclaim is “all or nothting” written all over it.

reading from the news reports, we find revillame’s suit on the strange side. revillame seem to be claiming damages, like he was the victim. abs-cbn seem to be the victim here as revillame did act like a brat  on live tv when he did his disrespect of cory aquino during her funeral and that amazing live tv scene of revillame threatening to resign from abs-cbn in his fight against a radio host at abs-cbn.

with such mega millions on the table plus personal pride on willie’s part and corporate pride on the side of abs-cbn,  who will blink?

TV network files P486-M counterclaim vs noontime host
By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:14:00 09/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines – A P486-million counterclaim damage suit has been filed before a Quezon City court against TV host Willie Revillame for allegedly committing several violations in his contract with ABS-CBN Corp.

In a 139-page answer with compulsory counterclaim, ABS-CBN through lawyer Augusto San Pedro Jr. asked the court to order Revillame to pay P20 million each for moral damages, exemplary damages and attorney’s fees and other litigation expenses.

The TV network also wanted the host to pay the amount of P426,917,646.96 as liquidated damages for breaching the agreement between Revillame and the network.

The counterclaim was filed before Judge Luisito Cortez of Regional Trial Court Branch 84.

ABS-CBN filed the answer with compulsory counterclaim in compliance with the summons issued to them to answer the P11.5-million damage and rescission of contract filed by Revillame.

Revillame, through legal counsel Leonard De Vera, filed the damage suit claiming that his suspension with pay and placing him under probation were valid grounds to terminate his contract because they were provided for in the agreement.

But in its answer, the ABS-CBN asked the court to dismiss Revillame’s complaint because he has no cause of action to claim moral damages, exemplary damages and attorney’s fees.

The TV network claimed it was Revillame who materially breached his obligations under the agreement.

“Plaintiff Revillame is not the injured party in the instant case since it is he who materially breached his obligations under the Agreement while defendant ABS-CBN fully complied with its obligations,” the counterclaim read.

In asking for counterclaim, the ABS-CBN cited the violations on the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement allegedly committed by Revillame which include his outburst while the transfer of the late President Corazon Aquino to Manila Cathedral on Aug. 3. 2010 was being broadcast live in an inset during his noontime show “Wowowee.”

ABS-CBN also cited Revillame’s public criticisms against entertainment show host Jobert Sucaldito and network management in the May 4, 2010 episode of Wowowee.

“Under the Standard Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, among others, Revillame must conduct himself with due regard, not bring himself to public disrepute and perform any act which may jeopardize the success of Wowowee or defendant ABS-CBN and be adverse to its interests,” it said.

The network added that Revillame was also prevented from engaging in activities adverse to the network and from using the program to make public criticisms or disagreements with ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN added that the comedian

and erstwhile Wowowee host took an unauthorized leave of absence and refused to perform his obligation as talent despite the existence of his contract.

The network also asked the court to compel Revillame to comply in good faith with his obligations under the Agreement and enjoin him and any entity acting or contracting with him from doing any act that would result or allow him to create or perform work similar to the work under the Agreement; to engage in activities which are adverse to the interests of ABS-CBN and to appear or use his name, voice or likeness, directly or indirectly for promoting any product or service in print, radio or television or any form of advertisements.

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