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half filipino tim lincecum wins 2010 World Series for SF Giants. tim’s filipino family info here

game no. 5  of the 2010 world series played out as expected – a pitcher’s game between san francisco giants’ tim lincecum and the texas rangers’ cliff lee, it’s just that lincecum got the better score card and won it for the san francisco giants.  lincecum’s pitching and the amazing score of edgar renteria with the giants winning the world series at 3-1.

with lee and lincecum as pitchers, the 2010 world series was expected to be a battle of pitchers. that did not happen during game 1 when both pitchers gave way to hots, although lincecum in that one also got the better score as the giants won it.

the giants surged into a 3-1 lead when the championship went to texas and as the deciding 5th game was played for the last time in texas, a second battle of the pitchers was expected to ensue when lincecum and lee faced erach other again.

Timothy Leroy Lincecum (born 15 June 1984) is a Filipino-American professional baseball player in the United States. He currently plays as a starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, the 2010 World Series champions in Major League Baseball (MLB), the world’s most prominent baseball league.

Lincecum is considered the best pitcher in NL in the past three years and is popular for his awkward pitching form and “goofy apprearance”. [1] He is popularly nicknamed “The Freak.”

Lincecum was born in Bellevue, Washinton in the United States. His father is American Chris Lincecum, an airplane builder for aircraft company Boeing, while his mother is Filipina Rebecca Asis. His elder brother Sean is a former collegiate baseball player.

The elder Lincecum, who was a pitcher during his teenage days, taught Tim how to play baseball, particularly pitching. Tim said that he is a “version 2.0” of his father when it comes to playing baseball and that his father personally coached him even during his college days. Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci described Tim as being “unconventionally honed” by his father and “that delivery has produced the most fascinating ace of his generation.” [2]

Lincecum attended Liberty High School and pursued his college education at the University of Washington.


baseball is not a popular sport in the philippines and nowhere near the popularity of basketball, billiards or in recent years boxing. with baseball not as popular, very few filipinos are aware of someone like tim lincecum being half fil;ipino.

lincecum’s credentials are impressive,  having had two Cy Youngs in his hands. inspute of having those awards the trail of success lincecum has been pacing in baseball, he is hardly known among filipinos.

perhaps with this world series win and the amount of praises being heaped on lincecum, more filipinos will know of lincecum.

Lincecum, next to Manny Pacquiao, is perhaps the most popular athlete in the US with Filipino lineage.

His mother is a Filipina and his father is an American.

ABS-CBN’s North American Bureau’s Gel Santos Relos tweeted: “Lincecum’s mom, Becky Asis, is a second-generation Filipino-American.

“Becky is one of Balleriano and Philomena Asis’ 10 children—eight girls, and two boys.

“Balleriano was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“His father Genaro Asis was born in Mindanao; his mother Alberta Alcoy was born in Cebu City.

“Philomena was born in Stockton, California. Her father was born in Batangas, while her mother was born in Siquijor.”



watch this video, towards the end, lincecum saying  he is filipino  and has filipino ancestry.  he also talks about being filipino.

Lincecum owes his development to his father Chris, a parts inventory employee at Boeing in Seattle. He learned the game at the age of five and developed his style from drills and hours of watching tape with his father.

Lincecum’s mother Rebecca (Becky) Asis is a full-blooded Filipina. Her father Balleriano was born in Honolulu and mother Philomena Marasigan in Stockton, California. Balleriano’s father Genaro was born somewhere in Mindanao and mother Albert Alcoy in Cebu. Philomena’s father Leoncio was born in Batangas and mother Anastasia Dominguez in Siquijor.

Lincecum inherited his strong sense of family ties from his mother. Writer Kevin Riley said a few days after Lincecum’s Filipino grandfather Balleriano Asis died in 2007, he was distraught and didn’t play up to par against the Chicago Cubs.

“It was my fault, I had a lot of stuff in my head,” said Lincecum, quoted by Riley. “Out there, I was thinking about my grandpa. I was thinking of past stuff as well as using him to help me. A lot of people do that, they look to God and relatives who have passed away. They look to them to help get though stuff. I guess I used him like that and it was great. It’s sad to see him go and it’s kind of tough to deal with but on the field, I’m just trying to be as focused on the game as possible.”




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