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bombs, grenades, guns and carnapping – why are they all over the philippines?

crime seems to be all over the country – don’t you get the feeling?  it’s all over the news – it seems there is no day of the week where we do not see these things happening all around us.

having evil people around, the law-breakers is expected but here is what we are wondering about – why does it seem to be so easy to commit crimes in the country?

there is the cfase of this woman who was given a gift and a grenade exploded when she opened it.. not only that, four other grenades were in the box but they just did not explode.

5 grenades, really? is it that easy to buy grenades in this country? to buy 1 we thought would be difficult, but a total of 5?

that was not the only case of grenades being used in a crime. there are many others. one more popular case was the grenade bombing in front of la salle on taft avenue during the end of the bar exam. a grenade was also used in that incident.

it is not like a grenade is common in the streets around the country.  perhaps guns ate easier to get. guns are understandable – we can see a few gun stores in many many malls.  but there are no grenade stores anywhere.

bombs have also been exploded. the most recent is the one that happened today where a home made bomb was exploded on a bus on EDSA. are bomb making materials that easy to find also?

police authorities are concentrating on finding the criminals and the motives but we wonder if they are also looking into how these criminals were able to obtain  the tools like guns, grenades and bombs  to commit their crimes.

surely the police authorities must know that remove  bombs, guns and grenades from the market and you remove crime of these sorts. we have not even heard of efforts to figure these things out.

carnapping has been in the news recently.  come on, the authorities never knew about the spare parts industry that is thriving in bulacan and pampanga? these shops selling spare parts are right on the streets in plain sight.  it is easy to understand that the parts they are selling in these shops must come from carnapped vehicles.

tv and newspaper reports seem to give the impression the police authorities never knew of these stores selling spare parts of cars.

the other part of the carnapping crimes is that the police actually have names for these gangs. they are syndicates and they know how they look and they operate. why are they out free then?

the other important question –  how is it that these carnapping syndicates are able to sell carnapped cars? to be able to sell a car means you need to have registered at the LTO. for sure there is a connection there. but are the police looking into that?

with the frequency of use of grenades and bombs in crimes, you would think they are available for sale in the nearest shopping mall.  really? it is that easy?

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