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chief of staff general angelo reyes’ suicide letter

death is always a sad event. we  give our condolence to the family of AFP ex-chief of staff angelo reyes.

is there a suicide letter?

suicide, which according to news reports  was the cause of death makes it even beyond sad. angelo reyes’ suicide is one that only leaves a great mark on his family but the nation as well.

like it or not, reyes served his country well  – as a soldier, a general and a member of the civilian leaders of the arroyo administration.  very few filipinos can claim such a long list of admirable points in his resume. whether his service to the country is a good thing or not, we can suspend judgement for now. the length of time and the  functions  he performed is worth a good look.

as a public figure, his suicide leaves a gaping hole to the recent developments and expose at the senate.  reyes is in the starring role in the expose on corruption at the highest level of the AFP with millions given to the chief of staff as a pabaon,  pasalubong and pashopping of wives of the generals.

this gaping hole is now filled with huge questions. we can’t help ask the question – is reyes’ suicide  related to the senate investigation.  it is  natural for us to think so.

then the next questions – did he commit suicide because he could no longer take the pressure? is that a sure sign of guilt to the charges made by colonel rabusa and senator estrada?

or is that just one of the things that led him to commit suicide? conspiracy theories will ask the question perhaps reyes knew more than what has been revelaed during the senate hearing and that tipped him over the edge. or an even more sinister thought – his suicide makes sure he will no longer be able to reveal what he knows.

for his family the burden that the nation holds is the same burden they have on their shoulders and more. this is a man more than someone they read and see in the news. this is a man who is one of them.  the burden the nation feels to them is spiced by very personal pain and bitterness.

it is very possible reyes’ family know the truth as well. P50M , the amount alleged to have been recevied by reyes  when he retired is something the family for sure felt and experienced. it is too huge an amount not to feel. reyes’ wife on an international travelling spree also says she knows the truth.

from the looks of it, reyes’ suicide plan was his alone and not known to his family. he had two of his sons with him when he committed suicide but he asked them to leave when he actually pulled the trigger.

the suicide letter will tell the family and the country things in the mind of reyes and in some way explain  to them his action. we don’t know how much closure this will give to the family but we think it can do that in some way depending on it’s content.

it will however do a lot to the nation if the suicide letter contains matters on the senate investigation.  so far what reyes had said during the senate hearing was a denial or a semblance of a denial. he also has not revealed who else is involved in the corruption. the suicide letter might contain these and the senate and the nation can close one of the doors and move on to  a trial and court proceedings against those involved.

we wait for angelo reyes’ suicide letter.

  1. melbarose r. sasot
    February 13, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    It will clear up many things if there is a suicide letter.

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