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reporter suffers a heart attack on live tv?

this is really bizarre – a lady reporter of CBS mouths gibberish during a live report during the grammys.  it is also a very scary video to watch – doctors are saying the  gibberish speech may have been caused by a mild stroke. the reporter saw a doctor after the event but said she did not.

THE viral video of a reporter slurring her words at the Grammys may have shown her suffering a stroke, according to reports.

Serene Branson, an Emmy-nominated reporter for CBS 2, smiled as she began her live cross to the studio, but soon looked concerned as the sounds coming out of her mouth were completely unintelligible.

Doctors who have seen the footage are seriously concerned that she suffered a stroke either during or just before the broadcast.

“What a terrifying event,” Dr Daniel Labovitz, assistant professor of neurology at Einstein School of Medicine told the New York Times.

“I very strongly suspect this was a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA).”



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