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Ad Power puts willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show off air – uni-lever is 6th company to stop ads

this is called advertising power – with withdrawals of ads from the tv show, willie revillame has announced his willing willie tv show will go off the air for 2 weeks.

before the exodus of major advertisers from the tv show, willie revillame in his show and in interviews, including the tv station’s spokespersons were adamant and strong about no infractions and no child abuse occurred in the show.

it appears money talks and it talks loud to willie revillame. as soon as 5 major advertisers pulled off their ads from the show, revillame showed repentance so it seems and decided to pull off the air his tv show for 2 weeks. without the ad moneys in his tv show, it would have been a huge financial loss for revillame who is the producer and financier of the show.

uni-lever is the 6th advertiser to pull off its ads from the show with procter & gamble, jollibee, del monte, CDO and lhuiller announcing ad pull outs earlier on.  procter & gamble, uni-lever and jollibee are the country’s top advertisers, probably belonging to the top 5 biggest ad spenders in the industry.  private businesses is doing the country a very good favor in pulling out its ads from willie revillame’s tv show.

it is interesting how this is playing out as abc 5 is owned by manny pangilinan whose company PLDT also owns Smart Telecommunications, the country’s leading mobile phone service provider and also one of the top advertisers in the country. will Smart pull its ads as well?

read here : http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20110409-330148/Ad-pullouts-hit-Willie-show

‘Willing Willie’ to go off air for 2 weeks, Revillame says

First Posted 22:17:00 04/08/2011
Filed Under: Entertainment (general), Television, Celebrities
MANILA, Philippines—Controversial television host Willie Revillame announced Friday night that his primetime game show “Willing Willie” will go off air for two weeks starting Monday next week (April 11).

Revillame expressed disappointment over the companies that pulled out their ad placements from his show.

He maintained that he did not commit child abuse in an episode of “Willing Willie” exposing a boy simulating a striptease.

Revillame also warned to file charges against some celebrities who “attacked” him on the social networking site Twitter.

List of companies who have withdrawn their ads from Willie Revillame’s “Wiling Willie” tv show:

  1. jollibee corporation
  2. procter & gamble philippines
  3. del monte philippines
  4. lhuillier pawnshop
  5. CDO
  6. uni-lever

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