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now 4 companies suspend ads at willie revillame’s “willing-willie” tv show

willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show got a 4th kick in the behind with a 4th company, lhuillier pawnshop announced it is pulling it’s ad money out of the tv show while the issue of child abuse is being resolved by the government.

lhuillier joins  jollibee corporation, procter & gamble philippines and del monte from the pull out of ad money from the show.

we think these corporations are doing the right thing. and in fact we think all the other corporations putting their ad money in the show should do the same. willie revillame need to be taught a lesson, something he has never learned so it seems.  revillame is a serial ass hole on tv.

we are shocked that tv 5 got him after what he has done at abs-cbn. we are even more shocked that he still has the audience when he moved over to abc 5. maybe this latest episode will teach willie a lesson.  finally!

Cebuana Lhuillier suspends ads on ‘Willing Willie’, too

by Karen Boncocan


MANILA, Philippines—The country’s largest pawnshop chain, Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop, has joined three other companies that pulled out ads from “Willing Willie” television show.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page Friday, Cebuana Lhuillier said it has decided “to temporarily suspend its segment sponsorship in the said show, effective April 11, 2011, while resolution on the matter is pending.”

“While we support programs that give hope to Filipinos here and abroad, we expect our business partners to promote good values, protect children’s rights and exercise prudence in communicating to the general public,” it said.

“Willing Willie’s” March 12 episode on TV5, which featured a crying six-year-old boy while simulating a striptease as show host Willie Revillame laughed and egged him on, triggered strong rebuke from the public and government’s rights and social welfare agencies.

Cyber activists formed social media groups demanding for Revillame’s removal from the top-rating show and calling for a product boycott of the show’s sponsors, a move whose impact thus far is unprecedented in the country’s history of consumer activism.

Jollibee Foods Corporation last Saturday announced it was “holding off” ad placements of its newly-acquired Mang Inasal restaurant chain from “Willing Willie.”

Other multinational giants followed suit. On Tuesday, Procter & Gamble Philippines said it suspended advertising on the show “while the incident is being reviewed and investigated by authorities.”

Del Monte Pacific Ltd. also said it was pulling out sponsorship of the beleaguered primetime game show.

The TV network has since apologized for the episode and installed an internal ombudsman to avoid a repeat of the incident.

Cebuana Lhuillier said it has “taken note of the TV5 Management’s official statement and the corrective measures they have taken.”

“We trust that they will ensure that a similar incident will not happen again. We hope that the concerned authorities will resolve this matter soon,” the pawnshop chain said.

Oishi, which called the episode “regretful”, and CDO Foodsphere Inc. said they would continue placing advertisements on “Willing Willie”.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board has begun an inquiry into the issue.


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