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charice pempengco returns to glee season 2 with “all by myself” solo, watch video here

view Glee performance video here: charice pempengco needs acting and english speaking lessons, FAST!

glee watchers are are abuzz with the news that charice pempengco returns to glee 2 this week with a goose bump rendition of celine dion’s “all by myself”.

here is the promo video:

the network released a video of pempengco performing the song in the show but unfortunately embedding has been disallowed and neither can it be viewed in the philippines.

the tv station however released an aido recording of it.  it is just the audio but it is great listening. watching it on the show will be great for sure.

Fox has released the exclusive Glee spoiler featuring the segment of Charice as Sunshine Corazon on Glee’s Night of Neglect episode.

If you cannot wait until April 19th, play the video below to see the whole segment of Sunshine Corazon (Charice) breaking into William McKinley auditorium and had some confrontation with the kids of New Directions.

On the clip, Sunshine Corazon returns to WMHS and proposed to perform for the Glee club benefit concert. Rachel accused Sunshine working as a spy and considered her as an enemy. “You are a terrible spy,” Rachel said. “I am not a spy. I heard about your benefit concert on Facebook and I wanted to perform,” Sunshine explained. “I’m such a better singer than everyone else so I know how it feels. I’m all alone at the top. Also, I’m really short, so even when I’m in a group of people I feel like I’m wandering alone in a forest,” she added. Puck favors her and asked ND to gave Sunshine a chance.


Charice was not able to confirm where her role will go from here, but she did reassure fans that her character will be around for more beyond tomorrow night’s episode. As for whether or not Sunshine will be attending the “Glee” prom, we will have to wait and see. Charice giggled and stated that she honestly had no idea if her character was making an appearance during the episode.

The cast has been filming prom scenes for the past couple of weeks. Charice has been in Boston shooting her upcoming movie role in “Here Comes the Boom.” Given her busy movie schedule across the country, it is not likely that we will see her in the prom episode.


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