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Warning : Stop Eating Or Drinking Taiwan made products – cancer causing DEHP might be used as ingredient

read this:

That is because Yu Sheng, the company responsible for the scare, is Taiwan’s biggest supplier of emulsifier – a food additive often used in fruit juice, jelly and sports drink. 

Media reports said it has been selling the plasticiser as a food additive for five years. More than 300 tons have been sold mostly in Taiwan and overseas.

Shiu Ming Neng, Deputy Director General of Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, said: “Affected countries include the US, Hong Kong and China. Plasticiser made by Yu Sheng has been shipped to the Philippines and Vietnam.”

Products by big names in Taiwan like King Car, HeySong and Taiwan Sugar have been found to be tainted and the contamination is spreading from beverages to children’s vitamins.


philippine health officials have warned the public about drinking and eating food and drinks imported from Taiwan to avoid consuming food and drinks that may contain DEHP which may cause cancer and affect the reproductive organ of an unborn child if taken by pregnant women.

DEHP is a plasticizer which is an ingredient used for concrete and plastics, mostly for PVC.

Plasticizers (UK = plasticisers) or dispersants are additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of the material to which they are added; these include plastics, cement, concrete, wallboard, and clay. Although the same compounds are often used for both plastics and concretes the desired effects and results are different. The worldwide market for plasticizers in 2004 had a total volume of around 5.5 million tons, which led to a turnover of just over 6 billion pounds.

Plasticizers for concrete increase the workability of the wet mix, or reduce the water required to achieve the desired workability, and are usually not intended to affect the properties of the final product after it hardens.

Plasticizers for wallboard increase fluidity of the mix, allowing lower use of water and thus reducing energy to dry the board.

Plasticizers for plastics soften the final product increasing its flexibility.


this is the effect of DEHP:

Effects on living organisms

Smaller penis size and other feminizing links

DEHP metabolites measured from the blood of pregnant women have been significantly associated with the decreased penis width, shorteranogenital distance, and the incomplete descent of testes of their newborn sons, replicating effects identified in animals.[6] Approximately 25% of US women have phthalate levels similar to those in the study.[6]


A study on CDC data published in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), revealed that American men with abdominal obesity or insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes) were more likely to have high levels of DEHP and DBP metabolites in their urine than men without those problems.[7]


The acute toxicity of DEHP is 30g/kg in rats (oral) and 24g/kg in rabbits (dermal).[1] Concerns instead focus on its potential as an endocrine disruptor. Some countries have banned DEHP from toys; see phthalate for legal status.


A clinically relevant dose and duration of exposure to DEHP has been shown to have a significant impact on the behavior of cardiac cells in culture. This includes an uncoupling effect that leads to irregular rhythms in vitro. This is observed in conjunction with a significant decrease in the amount ofgap junctional connexin proteins in cardiomyocytes treated with DEHP.[8][9]

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