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UAAP 74 basketball finals game 2 – ateneo vs feu and the silver bullet for the win

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the epic finals game in the UAAP 74 basketball competition is set tomorrow at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at 3 pm.

it is epic for feu as this is a come from behind championship campaign for them, from a third place finish during the qualifying rounds, and overcoming the twice to beet challenge in the semi finals, needing to beat adamson twice before getting into the finals. feu already lost game 1 and in humiliating fashion with a high double digit loss to ateneo, the game was mostly dominated by ateneo. losing the game tomorrow means the championship goes to ateneo.

it is also epic for ateneo. not only are they the defending champion, they are 3peat champions and winning tomorrow will mean a historic back to back championship 4 times over. ateneo will only be the 3rd team to accomplish this feat.

what is ateneo supposed to do to win tomorrow?

  • not much, they just need to play the kind of game they have been playing in all their games during the season – killer defense, a fast game, score on the errors and rebounds and play as a team.
  • ateneo has been one of the most consistent teams during this season, always delivering the same way in every game.
  • ateneo has at least 10 good players  – the starting 5 are all killers and the next 5 are equally competent.
  • slaughter, ravena and salva are the top 3 players. if any two of them do well tomorrow, they have the championship. although of the three, salva is the most consistent, scoring double digits in almost all the games.
  • any of the three having a gang bang game and that is it for FEU. all three players have done that before and to devastating effect on their opponent.
  • monfort and long are also always there to boost the team. monfort has sparked scoring sprees while long has been the best defensive player of ateneo.
  • and then ateneo’s bench. they are very, very reliable. they can take over the first five if they are having problems and has enough skill not only to maintain the lead but to increase and bring it back to the lead.
  • final word – ateneo will attempt to erect a significant lead during the first quarter of  the game. they will start the game very aggressively. if feu collapses from this first quarter onslaught, it will be all over for feu’s title quest.

feu will not go that easy, or at least that is the expectation.

  • they need to play as a team. they have failed to do this in many of their games.
  • their top 3 players need to play as a crew, look for each other and give each other the ball for easy points. they have not done this much. feu’s top 3 players tend to play on their own.
  • feu should stop using the 3 point shot as their winning formula. the chances of success are much lower on these types of shots. they need to bring the ball closer to take the 2 point shot instead. they don’t have much of a down to the ring game, but close jump shots are much better than 3 pointers.
  • rr garcia need to find his groove back. he has been inconsistent in many of the game.
  • above all, feu need to be tough and full of confidence. i think this factor will be the biggest challenged for feu. they lost big during the first game versus ateneo, it will not be easy to shake that off from their minds. it will be the mental conditioning that will make them win the game.
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