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that nasty feeling that Manny Pacquiao didn’t deserve to win over Juan Manuel Marquez

i am as filipino as anyone else and as one i am a great fan of manny pacquiao as many of us are. like the rest of us, we all stop time to watch pacquiao’s every fight.

but after watching the manny pacquaio – juan manuel marquez fight and pacquiao winning by a majority decision, i am left with this nasty feeling that he did not deserve to win the fight.

marquez outclassed pacquaio. the age disadvantage that marquez had didn’t show at all as towards the middle of the fight, pacquaio seemed confused. perhaps because he could not figure out a way to win over marquez?

marquez is known to be a very good counter puncher. the coaching staff of pacquaio knew that, they talked about it quite often but it appears they did not prepare pacquaio for it. there was no strategy on how pacquaio is supposed to deal with the counter punches of marquez. it was the counter punches of marquez that kept piling up points in favor of marquez.

marquez developed a very good defensive stance, he would very often  step back, move around the ring to avoid the punches of pacquiao. and for every punch pacquaio throws, marquez throws a counterpunch.

pacquaio on the other hand didn’t seem to have a winning strategy. he obviously wanted to knockout marquez but there was no strategy on how to get there. pacquiao appeared to be just waiting for an open opportunity to knock him out, no game plan whatsoever. but with marquez having developed a superb defense strategy, the opportunity for a knockout never came.

Statistics:  Power punches thrown- 274 Pac, 254 Marq; Power connected – 117Pac, 100 Marq Total thrown- 578 Pac, 436 Marq; Total connected 176 Pac, 138 Marq

this is a big disappointment. we think pacquiao has won many of his fights anchored on two pillars – pacquaio’s skills and the excellent strategy the coaching staff devises for pacquaio to win over even bigger and more experienced boxers but in this fight, this did not show.

Juan Manuel Marquez interview: “I might retire from boxing because of this fight.”

“I believe i really have to KO Manny but even if I do, they might help him up and give him the win anyway. I don’t know what else I need to do.”

pacquaio didn’t seem to have the speed he used to have. marquez prepared for it very well by stepping back and throwing a counter punch, the distabce between the two fighters are apparent with pacquiao seemingly over stretched.

pacquiao was the more aggressive fighter while marquez like most of pacquiao’s other opponents was a defensive fighter. marquez mostly waited for pacquaio to make a mistake. at minimum we think this fight should have been a draw to a split decision.

there is an upside to this fight for pacquaio. if mayweather was watching this fight, he would for sure be encouraged to agree to fight pacquaio as pacquaio has shown a lot of weaknesses in this fight. mayweather won decisively over marquez in their previous fight. with manny unable to win any round in a decisive manner, mayweather should feel figthing pacquaio will be a walk in the park.

what happened to pacquaio? aside from poor training and weak strategy, the problem was pacquiao himself. we think pacquaio just has too many roles on his plate. pacquiao used to have only a single role – a world class champion fighter and that was all he did. he had focus then. now, aside from being a champion fighter, he is a congressman, a tv host, philanthropist and celebrity.  he would squeeze in any one or two of the those additional roles during training.  of all the roles pacquaio had, we think world boxing champion  would be the most demanding and should be given all his attention.

we love pacquaio because he is the ordinary pinoy who turned himself into a world class champion out of sheer determination, hard work, training, smarts, intelligence and skill. none of those showed in today’s fight.

judges scores: Glenn Trowbridge scored 8 rounds for Pacman; Dave Moretti scored 7 rounds for Pacman; Robert Hoyle 6 rounds for Pacman

  1. philip
    November 13, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Always remember, if you want to beat the champion, you have to knock him down! Marquez didn’t, so he lost the fight. For more info, please check the number of punches thrown by each boxer, plus the number of punches connected.

  2. philip
    November 13, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    What can we do, that’s their destiny and I believe in it. Our contention, your contention is nothing but a mere excuse to what has suppose to happen.

  3. November 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    bottom line for me is pacquiao did not prepare enough for this fight.

  4. November 13, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    The bout between Pacquiao vs Marquez left us all with an acrid aftertaste. This is the first time I have watched a paid live boxing match of Pacquiao,, and everyone who showed up to support our prized trophy left us in awe how our hero could have been declared a winner after all those precise punches thrown by Marquez. It was very apparent that Marquez was in good form and every punch our hero throws back, the crowd jeered and cheered. The wait was longer,the euphoria slowly fizzled out watching our hero reluctantly taking the blows from Marquez. After round 12 was over, the crowd was still in quandary as to who will emerge the true winner. Marquez seemed so certain of his victory by raising his two hands up in the air, and watching Pacman seemingly giving him a congratulatory hug. Then the announcement that Pacquiao was declared again the world champion. I must admit upon hearing that Pacman won the match, i jumped on my feet to cheer our hero. But is it fair to say that he truly deserve to win this match? Share your thoughts…

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