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Mo Twister’s “abortion confession” – how a hurt can hurt others

this video has been the talk of the town lately. mo twister is  a popular radio dj turned tv host who had a relationship with a young tv actress. he was 10 years her senior.

we all got to know of their relationship when they broke up some months ago. many tears were shed on tv, painful words exchanged and threats thrown. we have forgotten about it after some months until a few days ago when this video became viral in youtube and became the hot topic in twitter and facebook.

in the video, mo twister makes a tearful and emotional confession about the abortion his girlfriend was about to have. he apparently video taped the confession inside a singapore hotel while waiting for the abortion to take place.

the girl friend, rhian ramos, her lawyer and mother have come out on tv threatening to sue mo twister for defamation of character.

the video speaks volumes of mo twister’s angst on the abortion that was about to happen.  he shows a man in pain on the loss of apparently their child. abortion so it seems was an action  only the girl wanted, or at least the girl has insisted on.

he was hurting when it happened but more than a year after it occurred, now the woman mo twister was referring to is  also hurting. she is now seen as the woman who had her child aborted.

she may have not realized the gravity of her decision to abort the chi8ld then, but now for sure she realizes exactly what it means to have a child aborted. we do not know if she feels guilt but for sure shame is a big part of it.

while we recognize that it is her body and the baby did reside inside her womb and she could very well have the right to decide what to do with it, she now knows what it means to live in a catholic country that in many ways is still conservative where abortion at minimum is still frowned upon plus the fact that is is actually illegal to have an abortion in the philippines.

the male hurting and objecting to an abortion instead of the female is also an interesting twist in this story.  we have heard of a lot of real life stories where it is the female who objects to have her baby aborted while the male is the one who insists on it. the typical story is the male usually wants to escape from the responsibility of an unplanned pregnancy, rearing of the child and of course marriage thus, pushing for the woman to have the baby aborted.

in this case the woman wanted the abortion apparently under pressure from her family and showbiz. this young woman getting pregnant at her age and without the benefit of marriage was apparently seen as a constraint to her budding career in showbiz.

the actress in this story is just starting out in her career and is being groomed to be the next biggest star of the tv network she is under contract with. this tv network has also announced that they will also sue mo twister for damages apparently to protect the reputation of its next star.

is the complications of a an unplanned pregnancy, child rearing a real deal breaker for showbiz stars in the country?

it is  timely as the rh bill is a hot topic in the country today. the rh bill confirms with actual language that abortion is illegal in the country (and enshrined in the constitution of the country), it is nevertheless an issue that has been raised by anti-rhbill advocates.

whether the mo twister youtube abortion confession will affect the debate on the rhbill is open for debate and something we ned to just wait and see.

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