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Jessica Sanchez performance at American Idol finals video here

the growl in this whitney houston song worked very, very well. this performance feels like this song was written for jessica to sing.  she also shows great restraint and control in this delivery. she has matured very well since she she joined american idol.

this last performance is the weakest among  the three that jessica had. in fact the judges did not comment kindly on this performance as well. it’s really a bad song choice. it was too plain and did not allow jessica to showcase her singing talent.

it is also unfortunate that this is her finale song, the one that the audience will remember the  most.

double whammy for jessica is that  philips performed very well after she sang this one and in that performance, the judges gave philips a standing ovation. i did not like philips’ last performance but the judges thought otherwise. it was only this performance that the judges gave a standing ovation to during the whole show.

can jessica still win? yes, she can. performances aside, jessica does have the better voice snd talent than philips.  americans may be able to appreciate that and still vote jessica as the this year’s american idol.

american idol is essentially still a popularity contest.  its not just the performance that counts,  it’s how many fans the contestant has accumulated thus far. jessica has always been a top contender. that means she has always had a wide fan base.

while philips has been doing well  in the  first part of the  the top 10  contestant shows, he has faltered towards the end where he even  placed  at the bottom two during the top 4 performance show.  jessica on the other hand has been placing at the  top during the same time. that can mean jessica has gotten the momentum in  widening her fan base towards the end of the contest  while philips may have been losing his fan base.

if jessica wins tomorrow, that means her fan base has truly  grown and they have gone out to support her more than the fans of philips.

who won? vote here and leave your comment.

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