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philippine tourism ad campaign launched in london

the london cab and london bus are two of what are iconic  in london . using these to carry the country’s tourism message is a very good idea. launching the ad campaign at this time, during the celebration marking the 60th reign of queen elizabeth makes it even more special. london must be full of people during the week long celebration. that will mean more people will be exposed to the “it’s more fun in the philippines” ad camoaign.

“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Campaign Debuts in London

3 May 2012 – Philippine tourism received a rousing boost in the United Kingdom (UK) with the rollout of 75 iconic London black cabs and double-decker buses sporting the new “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” banners last May 1.

Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Enrique A. Manalo and Philippine Department of Tourism-London head Rosario Afuang saw off a large group of invited officials, travel trade partners, media representatives, and members of the Filipino community who gathered at the Philippine Embassy for the start of a ride on the “More Fun” vehicles around central London.

 The Philippine motorcade travelled through some of London’s most famous and visited areas, making an unscheduled stop on Oxford Street – Europe and the UK’s busiest commercial district – to allow passengers to disembark and give delighted British shoppers an impromptu performance of Philippine song and dance.
 Upon completion of their trip, Ambassador Manalo feted the guests to Philippine food and drink at the Embassy.
“This is just a sample of what you will experience when you visit our country”, he said.  “A culture of fun, beauty and excitement await every visitor. With 7,107 islands, guests are sure to find islands that will suit their adventure, and with more than 90 million hosts, you are definitely going to have more fun in the Philippines.”
According to Ms. Afuang, apart from the exteriors of 50 black cabs and 25 double-decker buses, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” images will appear on 75 panels at some of London’s busiest underground stations, including Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus.  There will also be 30-second “More Fun” ad appearing on 1,400 digital screens onboard London cabs.
The advertisements in the UK are part of synchronized efforts with the Department of Tourism in Manila as it launches a worldwide campaign on CNN International which began last April 30.  The UK campaign will remain in time for the millions of visitors from around the world attending the Queen’s Jubilee in June, the Olympic Games in July, and the Paralympic games in September.
The UK ranks 1st in Europe in number of tourist arrivals to the Philippines, and 10th overall.  Over 100,000 British tourists travelled to the Philippines in 2011 alone – an all-time high. END

  1. December 25, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    It is really more fun here in the Philippines. As what the slogan says. Try to visit Bohol and you’ll really see the fun.

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