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death defying theft on EDSA Rockwell flyover

we went up to the rockwell flyover on EDSA to take some pictures. we were surprised to see a lone security guard right on top of the flyover. since the the flyover is overlooking some private homes in one of the exclusive subdivisions, i thought the guard was guarding one of the homes there. i found it strange that a security guard will guard the rooftops of homes but i thought it really did not matter as long as you have the money to pay a security guard to do that.

on my second trip to the flyover, i talked to the guard and asked him what he was guarding. i was shocked to learn that he was guarding the cables, wires and christmas lights that were on the flyover railings. he was apparently a guard of the rockwell center and i assume the christmas lights on the railings of the flyover were installed by rockwell.

we asked the guard who are the people who steal the cables, lights and wires. he said it was someone like the man who was walking on EDSA. i looked down and the man was a ‘taong grasa” that we see on the streets. we asked him if a man like that can run fast enough to evade the security guards. he said yes they can ran fast.

he said that the thieves can cut wires and cables as long as 30 feet. what they do is cut the wires then throw them over the flyover and they run down to get them and we suppose sell them some place.

i thought this was a very risky thing to do. these are live wires that the thieves are cutting and they can get electrocuted and die if the wrong wire is cut. the security guard was surprised by what i told him. i advised him that should he see a man being electrocuted while cutting the wires, he should not touch the man as he himself might be electrocuted as well. he was thankful for the tip i gave him.

i guess it’s worth risking your life when you don’t have money to feed yourself. but then rockwell also needs to protect its properties. it’s a tough world out there.

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