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willie revillame show at TV 5 to close in january 2013?

revillame according to rappler.com has said he will be announcing something on january 5 about what he will do with his life. at the same time, it was reported that he has told his staff and artists at the show to look for other jobs and have asked the audience to look for other shows who can help them. revillame’s shows are seen by many as “helping the poor” with prize money in easy to win contests in his tv shows.



read full rappler.com article here: http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/16592-willie-revillame-to-wrap-up-show

apparently, his tv show at TV 5, Will Time, Big Time has not been getting the tv ratings that it should. we thought TV5’s decision to air the show on the evening prime time slot was a very good move as it avoided clashing with the established noontime shows such as GMA7’s Eat Bulaga and ABS-CBN’s Showtime. revillame was then considered a big draw despite the numerous controversies and inanities that revillame got himself into at ABS-CBN before he moved or was he fired (?) from there. the good thinking that i appreciated was that it will be easier for revillame to beat the tv news shows than the noontime shows of the same format as his show.

it came as a shock to us to read the rappler article saying his show has not been rating. the revillame magic apparently has reach a  limit.

we will be looking forward  to the january 5 announcement. or is this another gimmick from revillame?

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