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#gangsters make it to national print media – Manila Standard Today

here is the quotation from a piece written by Beth Angsioco in Power Point at the Manila Standard Today, a nationally published broadsheet :

Even offline, tweeps have fun with each other. Yes, in person. I, for one, have met a lot of wonderful, (a few awful) people via Twitter.

At the height of RH debates, pro-RH tweeps belonging to very diverse backgrounds found each other passionately engaging the opposing group. Because of the bill, they banded online.

They eventually did a “tweet-up” (tweeps meeting personally) and named themselves “gangsters”. The bill is now a law but the gangsters still have tweet-ups almost monthly for the fun of it.

Weeks before the bill was passed, an anti-RH parody account came up with the bright idea of listing down pro-RH advocates and labeling them abortionists because of reasons as absurd as, someone is working for a pharmaceutical company, one is a daughter of an advocate, one is gay, one has a sexy picture, etc.

Carlos Celdran, yes, the one sued by a Catholic Monsignor over ‘Damaso’, was number 25 on the A-list. This prompted him to quip, “I work harder than to be 25!”

Another advocate was furious that he was not on the list. So he engaged the parody account and eventually made it. Success!

The gangsters and A-listers partied to celebrate the RH law. It was riot fun! Even Rep. Edcel Lagman who met tweeps for the first time enjoyed the party. He was surprised to know about this new “universe” inhabited by smart and articulate netizens.

source: http://manilastandardtoday.com/2013/01/26/twitter-fun/

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