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the goat and the kiss at super bowl 2013

there are two of the many interesting TV ads shown in this year’s Super Bowl 2013.

the Doritos ad does not take itself seriously, pokes fun at itself and succeeds in making it a memorable ad. of course the question ism after seeing a goat devour doritos, will it make people want to buy it and devour it themselves?

one of the pillars of food advertising, which we assume doritos is still under this category, is “appetite appeal”.  not sure many will find a goat eating doritos as appetizing. unless you are a goat yourself, of course.

one more to why doritos does not take itself seriously – the male character in this had has facial hair that resembles what we expect in goats. as i watched the ad, i thought there will be some role reversal in the end or something will be made out of the facial hair. i was disappointed, it did not end there.

the other ad with super model bar rafaeli and the lucky geek can be taken seriously by internet types who deal with GoDaddy. this ad did not score well in trackings for its too sexy content, the super bowl is typically watched by the whole family which includes children, hence the poor score.

but if you are an adult and you are into computers and the internet, this ad is an excellent fodder for dreams, wet or dry. geez, who can beat french kissing with a super model?

and a last note on the acting and production – the kiss seemed very real. in interviews given by the geek in the ad on US TV, they shot the ad for a whole day. yes, geek friends, they were exchanging kisses for the whole day!

there you go…..

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