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Willie Revillame rants on live tv (again!) – against Ate Guy and Ethel Booba

this latest live TV rant of willie revillame is about what happened backstage between him, ethel bubba and ate guy. the ladies apparently complained to willie about something that happened on TV.

willie felt so livid about the encounter that he felt compelled to disrupt the live show to go on air and tell everyone in the studio and the millions watching on TV what happened backstage.

you could see this was an un-scripted interruption by williem the producer and star of the show.

looks at the girls who were on camera at the start – this lady in a yellow skirt was in mid sentence when she saw revillame approach with a microphone. her facial expression was priceless, then she slowly hides behind the another co-host on stage before leaving it completely.

then the lady in a red dress started to walk off the stage too, with her head bowed down. the kembot girl on willie’s left tried her best to stay put but eventually felt so uncomfortable that she also leaves.

willie’s live rant was obviously unplanned and spur of the moment. the show did not even bother to let the sequence end and cut to a rant segment. the director and floor director must have been so surprised too that they forgot to do their jobs and ask everyone on stage to leave.

looks like this latest rant is just one more thing that happens in a day in the life of willie revillame and the tv shows he appears in.

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