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million people march october 4 rally poster – cute shades the point


there is a second Million People March rally since the first august 26 one and this time at ayala avenue at makati city. the organizers released the above poster. our take on it:

it’s a great poster, the visuals grab you. the over-powering graphics of the pig does this very well. a cute and very red pig that you can’t miss and in fact is the central element in the poster.

and that is where the problem lie – it’s too cute. the cuteness of the pig graphics robs the seriousness of the purpose of the rally it is supposed to promote. it feels like its a celebration of something nice and cute while the PDAF scam is nowhere close to those adjectives and in fact many people are angered by the PDAF. not that we want the pig graphics to be designed ugly or disgusting but it needs to be within the context of the event it is promoting. there should be other ways to draw the pig graphics other than sugary and everything nice.

that leads to the next point which is to us the bigger point – the pig graphics does not communicate that “pork is unwanted” or as the what the rally is all about, to “abolish pork”. we think, much more than the cuteness of the design, this really is the bigger weakness of the poster. the posted fails to communicate that we do not want pork and as what the rally will be saying, we want it abolished.

the graphics does not say we want pork, but neither does it say we do not want it. the graphics technically is neutral on the issue of wanting or not wanting pork but the cuteness of the pig design can be argued as it is something desirable.

this poster withstanding and the analysis of the  poster, we will be going to the october 4 rally at ayala avenue.

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