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@scrap_pork gets the scrap pork logo right, very, very close

we had written about the poster of the october 4 million people march poster previously (click here : million people march october 4 rally poster – cute shades the point) where we said the image of the scrap pork idea was too cute and missed the important point of what the rally was all about – to scrap pork.

the twitter account @scrap_pork recently released a new logo for it and we think this one just about got it right.

scrap pork

this logo says it right – to scrap pork with the diagonal line across the face of the pig image like what we see in traffic signs that says  “no left turn” or the the simple “no smoking signs”.

no smoking no left turn

we are all familiar and that means we all know what that diagonal line across the image mean. logos or symbols work best when it obviously and easily communicates what it means. when you see these images, you know immediately what they mean, even without needing to think about it.

“no pork” or “no pork barrel” is the message and this new logo of @scrap_pork says it all and very well.

well, at least very, very close to it – the diagonal line did not cover or slash the snout of the pig. you can still see the two holes of the snout. this treatment made it look like the snout and the diagonal line is a design element rather than single-mindedly talking about removing it or saying no to it.

BUT that really is a very, very minor point. it is as many in the ad industry will say, “it’s just nit-picking”.

kudos to the designer of this new logo!

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