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Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas sunset – God’s canvass

these pictures were taken on December 29, 2013 at Tali Beach Subdivision at Nasugbu, Batangas sometime between 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.


deep sunset, the sun was just about to disappear to turn into night.

thought the best way to enjoy this sunset at this spot is some chilled wine, soft jazz and a book of poems by Pablo Neruda. sunsets are very tricky to shoot, each moment lasts only for a few seconds as the colors change rapidly as the sun disappears at the horizon. good thing there are cameras to capture such fleeting moments.


in this one, i was very sure Jesus Christ with his angels were about to descend from heaven.

what caught my attention here was the bright light concentrated on the seawater coming from the sun that was peaking through the clouds. it felt like someone great and almighty was coming down  the skies to settle on the water.


the most beautiful beach house at Tali Beach, right on Sunset Beach beside the rock jump

the house was impeccable, the lawn and the trees were all perfect. this is the most beautiful property on the whole of the subdivision. we can only imagine how it feels to stay in that house and enjoy the sea, wind and clouds.


perfect combination of sea, clouds, sun and trees. the waves seemed to be moving in slow motion.

the problem and the joy of taking sunset pictures by the beach is you need to choose only a few, two to three elements at most to focus on. being selective is what gives the picture drama. lines are very important as that gives the picture grace and movement.

photo (6)

a closer look as to why that is the most beautiful beach house at Tali beach

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