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things you might not know about Rex Vincent Tecson, twitter user who gave Jim Paredes a death threat

we saw this the other day at twitter – Jim Paredes, popular singer and composer from the Apo fame tweeted that he got a death threat from a certain Rex Vincent Tecson. the death threat was relayed to him, of all places via a tweet.jim paredes threat

first we found it strange and well, ill-advised to issue a death threat to anyone over twitter. twitter is one of the most public medium one can issue a death threat on. of course the object of the death threat can read it but it can also be read by the rest of the multiple millions of twitter users. aside from being very public, it also allows for screen capture, taking an electronic picture of the tweet which in turn can be used as evidence against the issuer of the death threat. those are two most significant problems we have with what Tecson did but let’s leave it at that for now as we digress too much.

read article on death threat here :  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/10/24/14/jim-paredes-twits-binay-gets-death-threat

curious about Tecson, we back read his tweets. we wanted to know what kind of a person Tecson is. this guy must be an avid fan of VP Jojo Binay that he brazenly issues a death threat against those who disagree and criticize Binay. we thought wow, this person must be some kind of military hunk  who has the means and the courage to very publicly threaten someone with death over twitter.

this is what we found out based on his tweets :

  1. Tecson is an avid fan of KC Concepcion, the actress and showbiz personality and daughter of Sharon Cuneta. he is in love with KC.
  2. Tecson declares himself to be the “Prime MInister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”

no, those two (2) things are no jokes. he did tweet them.

Tecson keeps a running tweet to KC, it sounds very much  like he knows her personally. his tweets is like a running and ongoing conversation with KC. it is like a twitter exchange one will have with close friends or in this case, between lovers.

of course the thing here is that it is a one-way conversation. Tecson tweets KC but we do not see KC tweeting back to him and being in the conversation.




Tecson based on his tweets to KC seem to be a very affectionate man and a very sweet one, at least to KC – he calls KC as “hon” (short for “honey”) and “honey”, the full version of the word too.  the words are inserted in sentences where he shows caring and concern towards KC.






that tweet above is Tecson’s most affectionate and we can say “loving” tweet for KC – he says the magic words “I love you” to KC and some more – “pahalik sa lips”. this is just what we have to say on that one – it is just a kiss on the lips, it is not sexual, its affection. we do not know how KC responded to that tweet. we were unable to find a reply to it on KC’s timeline.

now, to the second point – Tecson claims to be the “Prime Minister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”.  that is contained in his profile description, together with his picture. we assume the dude in the picture is him.




we back read his tweets and nowhere in his tweets did we find where the location of the “Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”. we were hoping we will find a map or something like that. not finding one in his tweets, we were tempted to use google maps for it but we did not do it.  internet connection at the time of writing is very slow, google maps might not be of help.

we read more of his tweets as we were a little bit confused, his profile description on twitter listed “Regensburg, Germany” as his location and not the Philippines or the SRotP (Socialist Republic Of The Philippines). we were going to be impressed if he was residing in Germany. but then we wondered how he can be a “prime minister” of a country called Philippines when he resides in Germany. we were really getting confused and wants some clarification.

not only is this “prime minister” designation on his profile write-up, he also tweets about it. he apparently takes himself seriously.

IMG_2429.PNGhe considers Jim Paredes, the guy he gave a death threat to as under him, like a subject. we do not know if Jim Paredes knows that Tecson is his prime minister. we also do not know if Tecson is our prime minister. from what we know, Noynoy Aquino is the president of the Philippines, and the Philippines is where we live. (makes us wonder if to Tecson, Aquino is under him or if as prime minister he is under Aquino.)

the other confusing part is that Jim Paredes in a succeeding tweet of his said some people had tweeted him that Tecson works for some engineering department at the city government of Makati, so that makes us wonder – what is his day job? is his day job being prime minister or as a city engineer at Makati? his office mates at makati should feel very, very honored that they have a “prime minister” in their office.

we are not a psychologist, so we do not know what to make out of this, we are also not a spy so we really do not have the ability to get to the bottom of the real identity of Tecson. we are just limited to what we read over twitter.

as an ordinary human, we are wondering :  what is more scary – being jim paredes who got a death threat from Tecson or KC Concepcion to whom Tecson said “I love you” to and keeps a running conversation with her, even though unrequited?

so far this is what Tecson is – a prime minister and a lover of KC Conception.

right, honey?

note : these are all screen caps. they are all real. he has deleted the death threat tweet he made to Jim Paredes but a few were able to screen cap the death threat and were given to Jim Paredes. he has made other death threats, to noynoy aquino and sen tg guingona. he has also deleted those tweets. but he has not deleted his tweets to KC Concepcion. he probably will delete them too after he gets to read this.



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