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Nike’s Together-LeBron James TV ad works with its powerful visuals

TV is a visual medium and so are TV ads. TV ads are at their most powerful when the visuals deliver. this Nike ad of LeBron James and for the city of Cleveland has exactly that – powerful visuals.

it is a welcome back to Cleveland  TV ad for LeBron. LeBron is front and center getting his teammates to join hands as a team to play for the city. soon enough people in the stadium and the rest of the city join hands with LeBron and the team. the ending is the idea that the whole city of Cleveland has joined LeBron and the cavaliers on their quest for the championship of the NBA.

the ad in black and white is an excellent choice. it ads a lot of drama and grittyness to the ad. the only weakness we see in this ad is the copy. it’s a long ad, it’s almost 2 minutes and the copy was too repetitive and lacked depth and interest for the time that the ad was running for. it’s either the copy was too sparse or the commercial too long. either way, we thought the ad somewhat suffered with poor copywriting.

the poster that was shown at the end was just as powerful too. the poster says it all and says the message very well.



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