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what not to do in a PR campaign for a presidential candidate – the VP Binay case study

we did not invent this, we just monitored what the VP Binay presidential campaign has been doing over the recent months and we think this is a good description of the PR campaign that the VP has been running for the 2016 election.



for VP Binay, it has been a string of PR event disasters one after the other. he seem to be walking into one PR blunder to another. that does not make it a PR campaign but surely there is someone or some people in Team Binay who is running this whole PR effort for him. PR in a presidential election campaign is very critical specially at the start of the campaign and this early, many months away from the actual election.

blame it perhaps on the fact that VP Binay announced his candidacy for the presidency too early that PR has become the center piece of the campaign. it is not yet the campaign period and when that time comes, what will become center piece will be the advertising campaign first, the PR campaign second and the election events third in that order of importance and impact. since it is many months before the campaign period, it is only PR that Binay has to work with.

because they are a string of blunders, they  obviously cannot be pre-planned or coming from a strategy or PR program. it surprises us that even after the mistakes have been made, no change seemed to have been applied to be more careful and to avoid making more mistakes. one would think that after the first PR blunder, someone in the Binay campaign team or its PR or Ad agency will take over and stop the bleeding,

the PR events and efforts they have been doing seem to be nothing but crisis management efforts or damage control efforts. we do not know what is causing that. you hire a PR Agency or PR operative to make things work for the candidate or the client, to get media coverage and to build an image. so far none of the image building have been done, just damage control efforts. this may be happening because VP Binay has a really lousy PR Agency or PR operator or the product itself, VP Binay is so infirm that it makes mistakes on its own making.


more on this next….


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